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Portsmouth is the United Kingdom's only island city and is located in Hampshire in the South East of England with a population of around 238,000. The city's history can be traced back to Roman Britain having since evolved to become a significant naval port with the world's oldest dry dock. Portsmouth is the world's most industrialised location and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. The city has the UK's second-busiest port with 10% of the working population employed at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard. Other industries in the area include retail, aerospace and the marine sector.

Home of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth is packed with culture, spectacular architecture and landmarks including the Spinnaker Tower which is one of the UK's tallest structures. Many of Portsmouth's former defences have been transformed into museums and event venues providing tourists with plenty of options to choose from. The city is famed for its leisure attractions, from historic ships and award-winning museums to its two cathedrals. Portsmouth's professional football club, Portsmouth F.C. is renowned for its unrivalled matchday experience at Fratton Park.

The city has lots to offer locals and tourists, with an array of bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. Leisure-seekers can often be found at the Southsea seaside resort and amusement arcades on Clarence Pier. Portsmouth has one university, The University of Portsmouth which has a student population of around 23,000.

Portsmouth is a lively coastal city with a variety of thriving industries, making it a fantastic place for local businesses to advertise.

Outdoor Advertising Sites

Across the busiest parts of Portsmouth including Market Way, Hope Street and Commercial Road

Prime Locations

Such as on Goldsmiths Ave, Burrfields Road and the bustling Clarence Pier

Target Key Routes

With traditional billboards into the city centre

Digital Bus Shelters

With prime locations across the bustling city centre including Spinnaker Tower and Southsea Castle

Connect With Shoppers

With advertising space just outside the Cascades shopping centre and in the popular Gunwharf Quays

Connecting with customers in Portsmouth

If you're looking for the perfect partner to connect you with your customers in Portsmouth, you've come to the right place. At Clear Channel, we're proud to offer outdoor advertising sites across the busiest parts of Portsmouth including Market Way, Hope Street and Commercial Road. Whether you're a small, local business that's looking to build brand awareness or a larger business that's launching a big campaign, we're confident we'll have the right solution for you.

We have a range of products to suit your needs, including traditional and digital billboards, bus shelters, and digital screens across key leisure and entertainment spots such as pubs, bars and supermarkets plus many more. Whether you're looking to target students, nurses, parents, commuters or shoppers, we'll work with you to identify the most-effective advertising formats. Our advertising covers busy areas such as Goldsmiths Ave, Burrfields Road and the bustling Clarence Pier.

In Portsmouth, we operate traditional billboards on key routes into the city centre. We also have a variety of digital bus shelters across the bustling city centre including prime locations such as Spinnaker Tower and Southsea Castle. If you're looking to connect with shoppers, we have a fantastic digital advertising space just outside the Cascades shopping centre. In addition to this, we have digital advertising space situated in the popular Gunwharf Quays shopping centre. Undoubtedly one of the busiest areas of the city, we have prime bus shelter advertising space near Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth F.C. that's ideal for catching passers-by on match day. 

Our local experts will work alongside you to identify strategic locations for you to advertise key messages to your desired customers in the most effective way. You can rely on Clear Channel advertising as a trustworthy and reliable service that will help you embed your business into the local culture. 

In Portsmouth, we're proud to work with Pompey Pants, Parkwood Outdoors, Kings Theatre, Historic Dock Yard & Rowans Hospice PG Motors. If you'd like to put your business on the map in Portsmouth, enquire today to see how Clear Channel can help you achieve your advertising goals.

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