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Huddersfield is a large market town in West Yorkshire with a population of approximately 162,000 that has a history dating as far back as the Roman era. Historically the town was known for producing woollen textiles and saw a huge economic boom during the Industrial Revolution through the steam turbine and textile industries. Huddersfield is still known for being a manufacturing town, despite the university being the largest employer. 

The town is also home to several chemical and engineering companies.The town is nestled within a backdrop of picturesque countryside including the Pennine Moors and the Peak District. Huddersfield is brimming with local history with a range of its notable buildings and landmarks made famous by writers, film and television, including its railway station which is highly protected as a Grade I listed building. The town is full of art, creativity and exciting attractions to explore.  

Huddersfield has a strong sporting heritage, as the birthplace of rugby league and home of Super League team, Huddersfield Giants, as well as Championship football club, Huddersfield Town A.F.C. The town has a wide range of traditional pubs, lively cafes and cosy tearooms to enjoy, as well as award-winning restaurants. Huddersfield also has a large retail shopping area with three centrally-located shopping areas - Kingsgate centre, Packhorse centre and The Piazza centre which are filled with a variety of high street retailers as well as smaller specialist and independent shops. Nightlife in Huddersfield is never dull, with a range of pubs, bars and clubs to choose from. 

The town has one university, the University of Huddersfield where around 17,000 students are enrolled.

Huddersfield is full of endless advertising opportunity, making it a great location for businesses to advertise in the local area.  

Reaching commuters

Along Wakefield Road & Trinity Street


Bus shelter advertising in key locations

Last window of opportunity

To reach shoppers as they make their purchase

Bus Shelters

Surrounding the entire town


Speak to consumers anytime, anywhere

Connecting with customers in Huddersfield

Are you looking for advice on how to best engage an audience in Huddersfield? We can help. At Clear Channel, we're proud to offer hundreds of outdoor advertising sites across the busiest parts of the town. Whether you're a small business looking to build brand awareness, or a more established business looking to launch a new product or service, we're confident we'll be a great match. 

We have a range of products to suit your needs, including classic billboard advertising along busy commuter routes into the city centre such as Wakefield Road and Trinity Street. We also have several free-standing digital units outside Huddersfield bus station, allowing you to maximise on commuters travelling by bus. If you're looking to connect with shoppers, we have prime digital advertising space outside the Kingsgate shopping centre, the Piazza shopping centre and Queensgate Market.  

Our free-standing digital units and bus shelter advertising cover a vast range of the city centre meaning you can reach all walks of life no matter the time of day. If you're keen to engage students, we have a range of digital sites and bus shelters situated near Kirklees College. 

Our experts in Huddersfield will identify strategic locations for you to advertise your key messages to your target audience in the most effective way. You can trust us to build you a results-driven and impactful campaign.  

In Huddersfield, we're proud to have supported Kirklees Council, Huddersfield University and Lower Edge Developments.

If you'd like to raise the profile of your business in Huddersfield, get in touch to find out how Clear Channel can help you achieve your advertising goals and objectives.  

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