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CC Presents

CC Presents Webinars

For all you curious cats and kittens that have finished binge watching Tiger King, there''s a new series in town. Our Clear Channel Presents webinar series wraps up some of the smartest advertising insights and entertaining creative outlooks to bring you a binge-worthy dose of learning.

With delivery from our friends over at Contagious as part of their Lockdown Learning livestreams, and from our very own insight geniuses, the webinars are great refreshers as to the joy of Out of Home.

The series is now complete, but fear not, the content lives on...

01  See what you missed
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02  CC Presents: Contagious

Agile long-termism

In partnership with Contagious.

The times we live in demand flexible and nimble brands. But research shows companies that focus on the long-term out-perform their rivals and that marketing should be heavily weighted in favour of long-term brand building.

So how do we square the circle of meeting the demands that are snapping at our heels while keeping our eyes fixed on the horizon? We believe the solution is an agile long-termist mindset.

In this briefing we’ll explain what it means, who’s setting the standard and how you can get started.

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03  CC Insight

Why OOH?

As a Platform for Brands and a Platform for Good, Out of Home is perfectly placed to offer brand safe media that delivers long-term results for advertisers. This webinar answers a question often asked by marketeers - Why Out of Home?

The session begins by exploring the overall role of advertising by Binet and Field and two suggested strategies, Brand and Activation. Building on extensive industry research, the rest of the presentation then explores not Why Out of Home, but can Out of Home deliver?

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04  CC Presents: Contagious

Digital Reboot

Digital technology has over-delivered on all the wrong KPIs. Shady programmatic, insecure data, privacy concerns, obfuscation and complexity: all funded by advertising that may not even be effective.

While the term ‘performance marketing’ has become synonymous with low-effort, low-quality retargeting, we believe that adland needs to raise its game. In this session we’ll argue that in a world gone digital, we need to be more creative, not less, and share examples of brands that are successfully rebooting.

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05  CC Insight

Retail Occasions

Clear Channel’s new Retail Occasions insight series provides all the detail you need to develop successful advertising strategies to make the most of your Out of Home campaign.

We’ve studied independent data of the UK’s top 9 Retail Occasions, from Valentine''s Day to Christmas, worth a significant £37bn to UK economy in 2019, a figure that has grown in total by 8% since 2014.

To help you unlock the potential of these Retail Occasions, this webinar will cover fresh, actionable insights for Fathers Day: who is buying; what, when and where they''re buying, plus what message they need from your campaign.