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2019’s most powerful campaigns

When we say 2019's most powerful campaigns, what do we actually mean by 'powerful'? This can mean a lot of things but in this webinar we focus on campaigns that raised awareness around important causes, use real people to tell a real story and creatives that simply stand out.

Our SME Marketing Execs, Matthew and George walk through a variety of incredible campaigns, from digital messaging around blood donations to location-specific pre-school creatives. After revealing the campaigns, Matthew and George share learnings and tips to help you replicate powerful messages to your target audience. If it's creativity you're after - head on over to our Powerful Posters series for everything you need to help you master the art of creativity in Out of Home advertising.

You've seen what it takes to launch a powerful Out of Home campaign, now you probably would like to know the type of outdoor environments you can deliver your message in... Well, Clear Channel's portfolio spans across multiple sought-after environments, from high streets to train stations and supermarkets to shopping malls.

For any questions about our formats or to discuss a potential campaign idea, please get in touch today.