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About Clear Channel

We have a bold mission which both spells out our unique position in the market today, as well as outlining our aspirations for tomorrow: Creating the Future of Media.

01  Our Purpose

A Platform for Brands & a Platform for Good

Clear Channel UK is part of Clear Channel Outdoor - one of the world’s leading Out of Home media owners. Here in the UK we operate more than 35,000 sites nationwide, from Inverness in Scotland to Truro in Cornwall and in every major urban area in between.


Out of Home is a strong proposition for advertisers, it's why Out of Home has the ability to deliver our advertisers’ media objectives, from brand building to activation, and whether complementing or competing with other media channels. It's the perfect Platform for Brands.

But we’re more than a media owner. We believe we have a responsibility to serve our communities and make a positive contribution to society. We continually invest in infrastructure and projects to find new and impactful ways to continue to make Out of Home a Platform for Good.

02  The Difference
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An approach with a Difference

As a responsible media company, we are committed to striking the right balance between delivering effective advertising solutions for global brands and local advertisers, while making a positive contribution through our own ventures and partnerships across many community, environmental and social projects.

Discover how we take an approach with a difference.

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03  The Team

Our People

Our talented team of more than 600 people work in 14 locations nationwide to provide stunning advertising, as well as cleaning and maintaining street furniture to make the urban environment better for local communities. Clear Channel has long-term partnerships with brands, agencies, landlords and local authorities, helping advertisers reach people in public spaces across the country.

We are the People Behind the Posters.



04  Our Leadership Team

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CEO, UK & Europe
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Joint Managing Director
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Joint Managing Director
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People Director
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Chief Marketing Officer
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Partnerships & Creative Director
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Europe Finance Director and UK CFO
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UK Sales Director
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Client Partnership Director
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Delivery Director
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Trading Director
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Direct Sales Director
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Sales Operations Director
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Portfolio Strategy Director
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Strategy Director
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Finance Director
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05  Report

Gender pay gap report

As part of our commitment to fairness, we ensure our decisions treat everyone fairly. Reviewing payroll and bonus between genders is part of that and as such, the most recent gender pay gap report can be found here.

06  History
Our History
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    More O’Ferrall is formed.

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    The Adshel brand is launched.

    {{ image_alt:1996-more-o-ferrall-group-1621871923.PNG }}


    More O’Ferrall is rebranded as More Group.

    {{ image_alt:sainsburys-pos-1621871966.jpg }}


    Clear Channel Communications acquires More Group and Town & City Billboards and is awarded the Sainsbury’s Outdoor Media Estate contract.

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    The company acquires Foxmark, making it the major player in the shopping mall market.

    {{ image_alt:2002-clear-channel-billboard-1570035697-1621871969.jpg }}


    The company is renamed as Clear Channel UK.

    {{ image_alt:2006-pinnacle-1570035729-1621871982.jpg }}


    Clear Channel UK buys Van Wagner in the UK and launches the Pinnacle brand, making it the market leader in premium format advertising.

    {{ image_alt:d48-1621871992.jpg }}


    The digital roadside network is formed and the Interact mobile services division is launched. Bain Capital Partners LLC and Thomas H Lee Partners LP acquire the company.

    {{ image_alt:48sheet-1621872022.jpg }}


    The digital malls network, national dry-posted billboards and WAVe ‘proof-of-posting’ technology are launched. William Eccleshare is appointed President and CEO of Clear Channel International.

    {{ image_alt:2010-cromination-1570035874-1621872012.jpg }}


    The ‘Cromination’ (six consecutive panels on the Cromwell Road) becomes available for the first time in 10 years.

    {{ image_alt:2011-socialite-1570035883-1621872021.jpg }}


    The Socialite network of digital screens in bar environments is launched. The UK’s first roadside network of digital bus shelter panels is launched in London (LD6) and Clear Channel creates the Play division. Clear Channel is named as a Sunday Times ‘Best Green Company’ for the first time.

    {{ image_alt:penguins-of-madagascar-id6-1621872034.jpg }}


    The first campaigns are run on interactive digital screens through our Create division. Clear Channel acquires Vision Media Group, making it a leader in the digital mall environment, and becomes a Silver Patron of the Prince’s Trust.

    {{ image_alt:2013-mobile-platform-1570035925-1621872050.jpg }}


    Clear Channel rolls out the Mobile Platform, a network of 10,000 mobile tags at city centre roadside panels, and launches Storm, a new super-premium brand for large format digital advertising.

    {{ image_alt:2014-wrap-1570035955-1621872066.jpg }}


    The Mobile Platform is rebranded as Connect. Clear Channel installs the world’s first Twitter-activated vending machine and trials its first solar powered 6-sheet bus shelter. Clear Channel launches the playLondon proposition: a purpose-built network of 40 large format digital screens, the expansion of Storm to 20 sites and LD6 is rebranded as Adshel Live.

    {{ image_alt:2015-cromination-(1)-1621872079.jpg }}


    Clear Channel launch first contactless donation campaign, ‘Tap to Beat Cancer’. Clear Channel and Amscreen announce digital screen partnership, Justin Cochrane is appointed CEO of Clear Channel UK, and Storm begins nationwide expansion transforming the ‘Cromination’ into Storm, Cromination London.

    {{ image_alt:2016-tree-planting-1570036074-1621872091.jpg }}


    Adshel Live is rolled out nationwide, Clear Channel acquires New World Payphones business to transform UK high streets with state-of-the-art digital kiosks, Clear Channel retains Sainsbury’s advertising contract and wins Asda advertising contract.

    {{ image_alt:2017-nwp-1570036180-1621872100.jpg }}


    Automation programme goes live with the launch of the ad platform, national digital footprint continues to grow, driven by Adshel Live & installation of NWP kiosks in London.

    {{ image_alt:2018-the-difference-1570036188-1621872107.jpg }}


    Clear Channel integrates its proprietary automated buying system with Posterscope’s location analytics, planning and trading platform, ECOS; Adshel Live is launched in the West End; and Clear Channel launch ‘The Difference’.

    {{ image_alt:2019-adshel-live-1570036195-1621872115.jpg }}


    Clear Channel separates from parent company iHeartMedia, Justin Cochrane becomes European CEO, Richard Bon & Will Ramage become Joint Managing Directors, and Adshel Live becomes the UK’s largest digital Out of Home network.

07  OOH Industry

We're an active member and champion of the Out of Home sector and it's people.



Clear Channel is a founding member of Outsmart, the Out of Home industry body. Outsmart’s goals are to inform, educate and inspire advertisers and people to do wonderful things in Out of Home.

Out of Home Creative Council

An industry wide initiative launched by Clear Channel to encourage, challenge and expand creativity in the Out of Home industry by exploring ways for creatives to use Digital Out of Home more creatively.

Balance OOH

Clear Channel is a contributing member of BALANCE, a collective of media owners and specialist agencies from the Out of Home media sector, working side by side to attract and develop the best talent for Out of Home media.