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Outdoor Planning Awards 2016

Best use of innovation

Cancer Research UK, Tap to Beat Cancer - Kinetic / Mediacom 

The Tap to Beat Cancer campaign created a totally new way to donate to charity, allowing Cancer Research UK to take a big step toward revolutionising the way they fund vital research.

In a world-first, Cancer Research UK shop windows were transformed into a donation channel. Purpose-built screen totems with embedded contactless payment devices were pushed flush against store windows, allowing £2 donations to be collected instantly.

By offering ‘contactless donating’, this inventive campaign creatively leveraged emerging technologies and delivered astounding results – with 1 in 6 people who passed the shops engaging with the campaign!

“A game-changing development. The first of many, destined to open up a host of new opportunities for brands in the future.”

Best use of digital

Winner: Carlsberg, Beer Body Ready – Talon / OMD UK / Fold7 

Beer Body Ready took hold of a perfect opportunity for Carlsberg to put their on-brand spin onto a trending news topic and drive conversation of the brand across it’s target audience.

Reacting to the controversial Protein World ad, Carlsberg responded with a striking and immediate tongue-in-cheek comeback asking if consumers were ‘beer body ready?’

Ads were tactically positioned in direct proximity to the Protein World campaign, making the creative and placement hyper-relevant and contextual.

The campaign demonstrated the close link between OOH and social media, while relying on true media planning, creative and contractor agility

Highly Commended: Santander, Summer of Cycles - Posterscope / Carat / Liveposter

Best use of data and insight

Winner: Bethesda, Fallout 4 – Posterscope / Target Media / Locomizer

By putting social data at the heart of OOH planning, Fallout 4 was able to achieve cut-through and take ownership of online conversations.

The use of audience optimisation tools and social media discovery engines, meant an effective mix of data, audience insight and location expertise could be used to develop a precisely targeted campaign.

The creation of ‘virtual hotspots’ identified key locations where target audiences were most engaged with social media while out and about. These areas were then overlaid with striking Out of Home creative, pushing Fallout 4 into the heart of the conversation.

This innovative approach turned Fallout 4 into the must-have game for Christmas.

Best use of multi-media

Winner: Dixons, Curry’s PC World Spare the Act – Posterscope / Blue449 / Liveposter

The Spare the Act campaign truly tapped into the national consciousness.

Developed around the insight that 66% of Brits receive unwanted Christmas gifts (but many are too polite to say!), the campaign humorously exploited this behaviour to reassure the public that they could avoid disappointment by shopping at Curry’s PC World.

The mass personalisation campaign encouraged people to drop their friends and family some not-so-subtle hints about what they really wanted for Christmas using a bespoke website. These requests could then be served in 1,000’s of locations that people could select as the most relevant to their loved ones.

Curry’s PC World were able to get the nation sharing their Christmas lists and redistributing the estimated £819m spent on unwanted presents every year!

Highly Commended: Mondelez International, Oreo Eclipse - Talon / PHD / Grand Visual

Best use of multiple formats

Winner: Channel 4, Hunted – Talon / OMD UK / 4Creative

The campaign for Channel 4’s new program, Hunted, only used formats that bought the concept of the show to life – going on the run in 21st Century Britain!

Ingenious use of 325 individual creative messages that ran across 114 formats on 37 media channels had the campaign turning up in the most unexpected places. From stunt Oyster card holders and hand stamps to beer mats and mirror stickers, this thriller of a campaign mercilessly pursued audiences, fully immersing them in the Hunted experience.

This cleverly orchestrated campaign helped to cement the positive perception of Channel 4 as a brand that does things differently, with Hunted performing brilliantly at launch.

Best use of continuity and long-term brand-building

Winner: Camelot, Always on OOH – Posterscope / Vizeum / Liveposter

Since its launch in 1997, Camelot has used OOH every month, every year, growing with the medium and leveraging new developments.

OOH has contributed to Camelot’s most successful year in history! By cleverly utilising static formats and embracing digital, Camelot has been able to build excitement and create a real sense of urgency around new game propositions, event draws and rollovers.

Continued investment in the medium has led to some key developments, including the introduction of The National Lottery’s unmissable live countdown clock.

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