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Award winning NHS Blood and Transplant campaign

02 Dec 2019 / Campaigns
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NHS Blood and Transplant, alongside Clear Channel and 23red took a data-led approach, launching their emotive campaign to encourage more people to give blood and reflect the diverse audiences in need of blood donors.

Clear Channel and 23red, alongside NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), launched an innovative new campaign across digital Out of Home.

Check out the case study to find out how using live data successfully helped to normalise blood donation.

The campaign used live data from local donor centres alongside images of real blood recipients, with the aim of normalising blood donation and making it more personal and local.

The first party data from NHSBT is used dynamically to make people aware of the volume of appointments available that day or week at their nearest donor centre. It also shows its location, walking distance, the volume of first-time donors seen there in the past week, and the number booked to give blood that day.

The innovation in this partnership comes from the immediacy, locality, and relevance of the data. The work targeted people specifically in their local area and provides a suite of real-time information and data which supports the call to action to give blood. The use of first party data combined with the sheer volume of dynamic elements in this campaign is unprecedented in its complexity.