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How much does Billboard Advertising cost in the UK?

14 Dec 2017 / Insights
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While it may be true that size of billboard plays a big part in the cost of your advertisement, there are a number of factors at play that will determine how much you pay to display your campaign in the places you want to be seen.

You might assume that you need to break the bank to achieve success with your advertising campaign, but this isn’t the case - there are plenty of things that are considered when pricing up your advertising strategy.
It should be noted that however much your billboard is going to cost, you don’t always have to pay for it in one lump sum. There are a few methods of payment that you can opt for, and your marketing planner can help you decide which one is best for you.


The placement of your billboard is probably the most important factor. The billboard itself can be as big as you like, it could be 500 feet wide, but if it’s in the middle of nowhere, or if it’s at the side of a road that is hardly bustling with traffic, nobody’s going to see it and your time, effort and money will have gone to waste.
Some of the more costly locations for your billboard include arterial routes and city centre locations. Rent for any space in a city centre is more expensive than its equivalent in the suburbs, and billboards are no different. Advertisements in city centre locations are more likely to be seen, and seen by more people.
The aforementioned arterial routes are also prestigious locations for billboards. These routes are travelled by thousands of commuters every day, and as such they are likely to achieve many impacts.
Perhaps the most attractive positions where roads are considered are busy junctions where drivers are likely to be stuck in traffic. Rather than a fleeting glimpse of your advert as they drive past, they may study the advert for an extended period of time as they wait in queues.


The most common sizes of billboards are 48-sheet (3m x 6m) and 96-sheet (3m x 12m) displays.  Usually, the bigger the advertisement, the higher the cost. This isn’t an arbitrary rule, either - bigger displays are likely to draw more attention and gain more impacts
and the production of larger, print billboard advertisements costs more, which impacts the price of rental.


The clarity of your advert falls under the bracket of ‘location’. You might have found the perfect area for your billboard - on the side of a building, next to a busy road - but how visible is your advertisement to those who pass by? Spots that have the magical combination of a busy location and no obstructions will cost more than partially-blocked sites.

Period of Display

The longer your advert stays up, the more people will see it. The more they see it, the more likely it is to be ingrained in their minds - think how many billboards you may have used as a marker or a waypoint for a meeting or journey. However, obviously, keeping your billboard up for longer will require you to pay more in rent. Advertising space is traditionally sold in two-week blocks, but certain companies will allow for longer bookings with a decreased weekly rate.
As you can see, the cost of your billboard is not cut-and-dried. It depends on your campaign and your objectives. We’ll make sure we tailor your campaign to your parameters and specifications - from budget to duration of display, the size of your billboard to the location, it all has an effect on the price of your campaign.
There are many factors to be considered, and it’s important that they are considered carefully in order to ensure you receive the best return on investment.
Of course, not everyone can afford the largest billboard, and not everyone can afford to put their advertisement in the middle of a bustling city, but by taking care to choose the perfect size, location and length of advertisement, you can give your campaign a huge boost.
By contacting an experienced, reputable advertising company like Clear Channel Direct, informing them of your budget and your goals and requirements, they’ll be able to come up with the perfect solution that meets all your needs and gets you the results you want.

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