Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising
Digital bus shelter screen with bus, cars and people going past
OOH advertising

Digital Out of Home advertising

Discover more on digital outdoor advertising - an effective media channel.

What is DOOH advertising?

Digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is a marketing channel that uses digital infrastructure outside of the home, such as display panels in shopping centres and digital street signage.

Digital Out of Home in the UK has been on a dramatic growth path over recent years growing to a weekly reach of UK adults, according to industry currency Route, of 83%. Clear Channel has almost 5,000 screens in neighbourhoods and communities nationwide, providing advertisers a perfect opportunity to scale-up digital executions and deliver highly relevant, flexible messaging to 44 million people every week.

Why use Digital OOH advertising?

Digital outdoor advertising can be a powerful tool to help brands reach their audiences as they move throughout their every day lives.  From large scale coverage to increased engagement, discover where, how, and why DOOH is the right channel for your brand: 

Premium digital outdoor advertising screen featuring a Fanta advert with two people walking past

A VIP Entrance

Clear Channel’s DOOH estate provides unique access to some of the UK’s most desirable, public advertising locations, from busy, bustling high streets to premium shopping malls, we’re right where people are.


key CACI UK retail centres covered


leading UK malls

Billboard Live featuring a Lurpak ad with two cars driving by

Smash your objectives

Digital OOH campaigns are equally at home delivering large scale, emotive branding messages as they are rational, activation messages. Our Long Live DOOH study proved that digital not only outperforms classic in the short term, immediately after exposure, but is a channel that will continue to benefit from enhanced effectiveness weeks after exposure.



higher immediate shift in rational metrics vs classic OOH



increased shift in emotional metrics evident 4 weeks post exposure vs classic OOH

An Adshel Live format displaying a Tesco Valentines campaign with roses

Get with the times

Digital ads displayed at the right moment have a greater impact than those displayed at an incongruent time. DOOH’s flexibility allows brands to launch campaigns with maximum relevancy for their audience. 



increase in brain response to advertising at relevant moments



more visual attention

A train station advertisement screen promoting a leisure centre

Know your place

DOOH advertising campaigns that demonstrate an awareness of their location or environment perform better than generic ads. DOOH’s connected capability allows locally and contextually relevant advertising at scale, and by displaying at the right time as well, performs even stronger.



higher ad recall



increase in brain response to advertising relevant content and at relevant moments

A premium Storm digital screen in Manchester promoting BBC Iplayer

Think bigger

Incorporating premium, large-format DOOH, with formats such as Clear Channel’s Storm, into your media plans will drive brand Fame.



quicker to associate brand with Fame


fame metrics all saw positive uplifts

High street digital screen featuring blue and purple colours outside of Lloyds bank

Get animated

Crafting animated and video content for digital Out of Home increases campaign cut-through and effectiveness, as well as improving consumer action. Full-motion digital, particularly across Clear Channel Malls, is perfect for extending and priming social video campaigns.



longer engagement



average increase in effectiveness when planned alongside social

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Adshel Live panel featuring a man and women in the advert

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An Estrella beer advert on a digital high street location with people walking by in the daytime

Why OOH?

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A Minor Oats campaign on Clear Channel's Adshel Live panel

Programmatic OOH

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