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Campaigns we love: WWE 2K23 game launch

05 May 2023 / Opinions, Our People, Campaigns
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Special build billboard of WWE video game showing a person in silhouette

Agency Account Executive Rhiannon Bradshaw shares her favourite Out of Home campaign to promote the launch of the WWE 2K23 video game.

A wise man once warned that you must never mix business with pleasure which naturally left me slightly perplexed when I heard that 2K Games had signed off their OOH special build on the Brixton Road site for their WWE 2K23 release.

If like me, you have spent more Tuesday mornings than you care to admit affirming to yourself that tiredness is all but a construct as you fight for your Monday Night WWE Raw fix, you will instantly recognise the 3-foot silhouette that adorns Brixton’s High Road.  Though you don’t need to be the most avid of wrestling fan to recall the iconic ‘’You Can’t See Me’’ catch phrase.

Activating using a static 48 sheet, the 2K Games special build features none other than the professional actor/wrestler/body builder John Cena. Visible only at night, the silhouette appears in the darkness which masterfully plays to the punchline of the copy, ‘You Can’t See Me.’

As part of their 2K Sport portfolio, the release of WWE 2K23 is revised annually much like 2K’s partnership with NBA also. Looking to target video game enthusiasts whose teenage years have been culminated by wrestling fandom, the special build also provides a nostalgic longing for those teenage fans who retired their belts decided to abandon the WWE (metaphorical) ring.

Clear Channel and partners in front of a billboard

At Clear Channel we speak a lot of powerful posters, and we encourage all of our agency friends to harness the power of special builds, so naturally I was delighted to see this collaborative piece from 2K Games, Grand Visual & PHD. As the second special build we have seen from 2K, I look forward to seeing more innovative and creative executions from them throughout the next year.