Christmas charity partnership 2022 | Clear Channel

Christmas charity partnership 2022

12 Dec 2022 / News, Our People, Platform for Good
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The Alzheimer's society campaign advertised on a large billboard live.

The Alzheimer’s Society has been chosen as Clear Channel’s Christmas charity partner this year.

This year we have asked our people again to choose the charity for Clear Channel UK to support at Christmas. We’re delighted to announce that The Alzheimer’s Society has amassed the largest number of votes and therefore been chosen as our long-term charity partner this year. 

As part of our Christmas partnership, Clear Channel will be donating advertising space to the charity throughout December and January to help amplify their latest campaign. The Out of Home campaign highlights a new, ground-breaking development in Alzheimer’s disease treatment and encourages the public to donate to help fund further research.

Alzheimer's Society Out of Home campaign on a digital screen.

Our teams will also be raising funds for the charity by taking part in the traditional Christmas quiz and raffle. The company has also pledged to donate £10 per employee to the charity.

Clear Channel’s partnership with Alzheimer’s Society has been spearheaded by one of our People Behind the Posters – Russell Levin, Head of Sales, Media Agencies:

"We have an unprecedented opportunity to help challenge and change the perception of those living with dementia. As the number of people living with dementia is projected to rise to 1.6 million by 2040, it is crucially important to help raise awareness, as well as help drive donations that will contribute to funding research and improving care and support.”

If you wish to support our efforts this Christmas, any donations (going directly to the charity) are welcome here.