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Classic & Digital: Delivering Brand Effectiveness

01 Jun 2016 / Insights
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Adshel Live screen on bus stop on a busy road showing Camelot Lottery advert

New findings from Clear Channel UK and Posterscope reveal audience impact effectiveness of classic and digital Out of Home (OOH).

The ‘Classic & Digital: Audience Impact’ study, which involved over 1,000 face-to-face interviews with members of the public across five key UK cities, utilised metrics across campaigns from brands including Camelot, Paypal and Santander. The findings have revealed the impressive audience impact of OOH in 3 distinct categories:

1) The Classic Effect

Exposure to classic Adshel alone was found to deliver 18% higher spontaneous brand awareness, twice as much advertising cut-through, a 46% increase in average brand perceptions and a 55% increase in campaign message takeout.

Adshel Classic screen on bus stop on a busy road showing Camelot Lottery advert

2) The Digital/Dynamic Difference

The incremental engagement value of adding digital to a classic Out of Home campaign was found to raise brand awareness by 2/3rds, increase brand consideration by 17%; deliver a 14% increase in ad response and a 10% increase in average brand perceptions.

3) Classic & Digital Combination

Exposure to both classic Adshel and Adshel Live was found to increase in brand awareness by 31%, campaign message take-out by 61%, brand perception by 61%; and deliver 3 times the level of advertising cut-through.

The study also looked at one campaign in particular which used exclusively digital Out of Home, by Curry’s PC World for their Christmas gifting push. These findings revealed the power of pure digital OOH, delivering a 31% increase in advertising cut-through and a 38% increase in average brand equity. Consumers were found to be twice as likely to agree with positive statements relating to the campaign and 30% more likely to consider purchasing gifts from the brand.

Lindsay Rapacchi, Head of Research and Insight at Clear Channel UK, said “This research clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of classic and digital OOH respectively, as well as the added benefits for advertisers who use them together to create incredible campaign cut-through and brand awareness uplift. While traditional OOH like our iconic Adshel network can deliver fantastic reach nationwide, digital Adshel Live adds a level of dynamism that proves they are a match made in heaven.”