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How Clear Channel helped bring Hendrick's Gin Summer Escape campaign to life

14 Dec 2021 / Campaigns, Opinions
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Our Create team were tasked with transforming Clear Channel bus shelter sites into Hendrick’s Gin’s upside-down Summer Escapes as part of their wider marketing campaign. Throughout the creative development process, we looked at new ways to add more interactive elements to play with the senses – eventually adding audio and scents to further bring the build to life.

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After plenty of research and development, media planning, creative tweaks and product testing, the production was complete. The Summer Escapes installations began to pop up over summer across London, Brighton, Cardiff, and Liverpool featuring lots of cool elements like a giant 3D bottle with flowing water to floor and vinyl wrapping. 

Check it out for yourself in the video below!

Credits: Specialist - Posterscope, Creative Agency - Space, Media Agency - Dentsu, PR agency - Red

To deliver reach and target various locations, the extraordinary builds were planned alongside digital activity on Adshel Live using dynamic capabilities to display bold location call outs as well as supporting point of sale activity on our Sainsbury’s Live screens.

The success of Hendrick’s Gin’s campaign came down to their exceptional creative direction and overall ambition, as well as the time we had to explore creative production routes. The mix of OOH media meant that they could deliver on reach, activation and fame.

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