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Clear Channel partners with Prostate Cancer UK for a unique Father’s Day campaign

19 Jun 2020 / Campaigns, Our People
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Two storm locations advertising our campaign for prostate cancer.

The iconic Prostate Cancer UK ‘Man of Men’ logo will spectacularly showcase personal, poignant and powerful messages this Father‘s Day (Sunday 21st June) in an exciting and unique campaign.

The iconic\nProstate Cancer UK ‘Man of Men’ logo will spectacularly showcase personal,\npoignant and powerful messages this Father‘s Day (Sunday 21st June)\nin an exciting and unique campaign.

In line with\ntheir mission statement ‘Men, We Are With You’, the leading men’s health\ncharity has created a special public online space for dedications and tributes\nto dads and father figures as they shine a light on those affected by the most\ncommonly diagnosed cancer in the UK.

Whether you are\na dad, you have a dad or you’re remembering your dad, Prostate Cancer UK are\nasking the public to share a message or tribute on the new\nDedication to Dad wall, where they can also make a suggested\ndonation, to help fund lifesaving research and to give men\nmore Father’s Days.

Highlighting\nwhat makes dads great, what we love about them and what we miss when they are\nlost too soon to prostate cancer, the Dedication to Dad wall is available on\nthe charity’s Father’s Day hub with supporters able to donate and\nleave a message to celebrate or remember their dad.

Aside from\nfeaturing those special anecdotes on the Dedication to Dad wall, supporters may\nalso see their messages showcased on digital Out of Home screens thanks to added\nsupport from the charity’s long-time partner Clear Channel.

In the week\nleading to Father’s Day the messages are being displayed on Clear Channel’s Storm screens\nin London, Glasgow and Liverpool with assisting the delivery of dynamic\ncontent as it happens.

Louise\nStubbings, Creative Director at Clear Channel, said: “We’re proud to continue\nour partnership with Prostate Cancer UK to help amplify their Dedication to Dad\nFather’s Day campaign, utilising our medium as a platform for good. It’s great\nto see charities making the most of the digital capabilities of ‘Out of Home’\nto deliver such important messages in innovative and standout ways.”