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Clear Channel supports the launch of ‘UNsanitary’ product range to help raise Period Poverty awareness

20 Feb 2020 / News, Campaigns
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Storm site showing UNsanitary advert

Clear Channel partnered with social enterprise Hey Girls and adam&eveDDB to support the launch of a national consumer campaign to raise awareness of the shocking extent of period poverty in the UK.

The\ncampaign centred around a new sanitary pad brand called ‘UNsanitary’, so named as 1\nin 10 girls and young women are regularly forced to use unsanitary items in\nplace of real sanitary products, because they cannot afford it.

The\nUNsanitary range, created by adam&eveDDB, encompassed real products, that\nwere available on shelf and at pop-ups in\nselected ASDA stores on Saturday 15th February. At first glance, the UNsanitary\nrange resembled authentic products that follow the normal category cues.\nHowever, on closer inspection, shoppers saw that they contain items\nrepresenting some of the real unsanitary items girls are often forced to use -\nsocks, newspaper, and loo roll. The products were not actually for sale.

The\ncampaign - Hey Girls’ biggest to date - comprised social media influencer\ncontent, extensive PR activity, and a special edition of The Big Issue focused\nentirely on period poverty, on sale from the 17th February.

Clear\nChannel helped to amplify the campaign across its Malls Live network\nnationwide and Storm\nsites in London.

Celia\nHodson, founder of Hey Girls, said: “We created ‘UNsanitary’ to provoke\nawareness about the shocking extent of period poverty in the UK. Progress is\nbeing made, but we knew we needed to do something drastic for large numbers of\npeople to take notice of what so many women and girls are going through. We\nhope the campaign will rally businesses and the government to instigate more\nradical changes.”