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Colin Horan – Out of Home Influencing the Future

02 Jul 2019 / Our People
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As one of the newest members of the Client Team at Clear Channel, Colin Horan is tasked with the job of working closely with some of our key clients and applying his expert knowledge to their respective industries.

As one of the newest members of the Client Team at Clear Channel, Colin Horan is tasked with the job of working closely with some of our key clients and applying his expert knowledge to their respective industries.

Next month sees the launch of text-to-switch, the new process to easily switch mobile provider via text, so Colin spoke to us about the work he’s been doing in preparation with telecoms clients, as well as his thoughts on the telecoms and mobile industry.

Strategic Partner Colin Horan

“My current two focuses are telecoms and retail” Colin says. “My role is to always be thinking about how we can connect more with specific clients, and educate them about the advantages of Out of Home and how their brands can benefit.”

“Now is definitely an interesting time for the telecoms industry in particular. I would say it’s obvious that the industry is maturing. Demand for things such as the newest, high-tech smart phone is declining, and there is definitely a plateauing that sees a lot of products looking increasingly similar. As a result, companies now need to be thinking about how to stand out as a desirable brand in a competitive marketplace. That’s where Out of Home comes in.”

“The launch of ‘text-to-switch’ will be an important moment in the telecoms calendar so I’ve been working closely with our Marketing and Agency Teams to make sure brands know how Out of Home, the oldest medium with the brightest future, can be utilised perfectly to not only influence customers thinking of switching, but also shout about their status as a top provider.”

 You can read Colin’s blog on his top tips for telecoms companies using Out of Home here.

 “I’ve been working in media for about eight years now, and I’ve been at Clear Channel just over three years,” Colin begins. “I started working with the Agency Team and now I’ve joined the Client Team and relocated to Manchester, so I’m being kept busy. I think Clear Channel is a fantastic place to work. Not only are the people amazing, but the industry itself has such an exciting future ahead of it and it’s nice to be part of that. Clear Channel are always ready to support and champion your ideas, and I really enjoy the freedom I get in my role; to work on long term projects, as well as get out and see lots of clients.”

The Client Team at Clear Channel are a small but growing team, with each member working on dedicated areas of focus. Colin explains “that as well as meeting clients, it’s just as important to educate yourself in the background and detail of your clients’ industries. By becoming almost an expert in it, you’re best placed to advise how Out of Home can address specific industry needs.”

With the telecoms industry a prime example of technical advancements revolutionising an industry, we asked Colin about the similar rapid technological changes in Out of Home and what he thinks the industry will look like in the future.

“Out of Home is in a good place, and the industry is only going to keep on growing and expanding. Whilst consumer habits are changing faster than ever, the industry’s increase in digital means we can keep pace, and make Out of Home the best of both worlds. While the traditional appeal of the medium’s vast reach is still hugely important, digital means we can now make things contextual and more creative.  Being a one-to-many channel gives brands the opportunity to tap into those moments we all share together, and capture the feeling of that particular place at that specific time.

“Ultimately, one of the most interesting factors, and what gives Out of Home such a unique advantage over other mediums is that it is also part of everyday infrastructure. As the world begins to focus more sharply on how cities and infrastructure can become smarter and more eco-friendly, it’s great to see how Out of Home can be part of that conversation and help change what the world around us looks like. It’s something Clear Channel definitely take seriously as a business, and our recent projects to do with tree planting, beach cleaning, and investigating sustainable eco-friendly street furniture, are great examples of a business and industry taking positive steps to help improve local environments and ultimately help make a difference.”

“It’s safe to say there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the advertising industry at the moment, so I think it’s important that we take time to talk about all the opportunities and benefits it brings. I believe Out of Home is certainly the best placed medium to do this, and I’m excited to be part of its expanding and exciting future.”