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What are the different types of Out of Home?

15 May 2019 / Insights, New to OOH
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Billboard screen display 'party more, worry less' text over busy road

We see so much advertising each day of our lives that it’s easy to switch off, especially when relaxing at home. As such, out-of-home adverts can be a great way to attract more customers and generate interest surrounding your product, service or brand.

The following OOH marketing options are just a few of many ways to get your campaign out there, and its message seen by a much wider audience.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelter advertising provides high visibility in areas with lots of footfall. The size, brightness and eye-level position makes for an engaging experience for all who walk past. Seeing as budget is often a key factor in deciding which advertising spaces are best for you and your business interests, bus shelters are among the best value for money - offering plenty of space in highly accessible places.


Having the extra space for your advertisement on a billboard will ensure your advert is maximising its impact on viewers. Billboards have become part of the infrastructure of our cities and as such have changed the landscape of our daily lives. They’re a great way to reach large amounts of people every day - particularly those who commute or are often stuck in traffic on busy roads.The most common sizes for billboards are 48 sheet and 96 sheet measurements. Whilst having a bigger space to advertise your business and engage consumers comes with a higher cost - this is not without good cause; the key locations and reach of audience demographics is second to none. Billboards can draw more attention and be seen by more people than any out-of-home advertising means, thereby greatly increasing the impact of your brand.

Phone boxes

The sheer number and geographical spread of phonebox advertisements means that wherever your business is based, and whatever your target audience, you’ll be able to find the ideal place for your out of home advertisement.Again due to the size of the space occupied, phone boxes remain a cost-effective solution to your advertising campaign. Coupled with the iconic place of phone boxes in British culture, they’re truly an innovative platform for your adverts.


With Asda and Sainsbury’s occupying a combined 32% of the market share, the weekly footfall for these two supermarkets lies well into the millions. OOH Advertising at Asda or Sainsbury’s could truly help shape the identity of your brand by singling out particular types of consumers.If your target audience includes low-cost shoppers, mothers with young children or customers looking for bulk purchases, Asda could be the right choice for you. Similarly, if health-conscious or affluent consumers are more the demographic you’re aiming for, Sainsbury’s digital screens could be the best option.There are 6-sheet scrolling boards available, in printed or digital formats, which will create a dynamic, vibrant and colour-intensive experience for the viewers of your advert.Clear Channel Direct provides a leading service for out of home advertising across the UK. We work with you to tailor the needs of your OOH marketing campaign specifically and follow up with post-campaign analysis and follow up meetings. Get in touch today and our friendly, expert team will be more than happy to help.