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03 Jun 2020 / Campaigns, Our People, News
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Billboard Live screen show Cephas Williams #letsnotforget campaign

Everyone at Clear Channel UK recognises the role and responsibility of our public medium in the communities in which we operate. 

In continuation of our partnership with 56 Black Men, we are joining Cephas Williams in the fight against racism and inequality to amplify a message that needs to be heard in every corner of our country: Let's Not Forget

 We are at a time where many people are suffering at the hand of an unjust system that works against them based on the colour of their skin. This is not right. There is so much injustice negatively affecting black communities and we are striving to be part of the solution. 

 As both a Platform for Brands and a Platform for Good, we have a responsibility to prompt and push for change. But we also must learn and grow, so that we can best harness the power of what we do and play our part in bringing an end to racism. 

We must not forget. Let’s change the narrative for life. 

Find out more about the campaign at 56BlackMen.com