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Big up your brand stories with Malls Live: The UK's leading malls video network

07 Sep 2020 / Insights, News
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Digital screen in a shopping mall showing Yes Saint Laurent LIBRE advert

Inspiration | Research | Purchase – Unboxing the purchase journey for young audiences, ensuring your brand stories stand out with Malls Live.

Brand stories stand out when you think big. You’ve got something to say, a story to tell, a product to sell? Online and social media help make it happen, but why stick with thinking small?

As Out of Home audiences continue to return, understanding changing consumer behaviour is vital in helping brands to reconnect with shoppers. We’ve undertaken new research into the purchase journey of Gen Z and Millennials, uncovering insights into how they seamlessly navigate between physical and digital touchpoints, and the standout role that malls and Digital Out Of Home plays.

Our Malls Live network has grown to become the UK’s biggest; over 600 unmissable full motion video screens across 53 of the UK’s best malls. It’s the perfect platform for brands to reach out and reconnect with young shoppers; complementing online and social campaigns across the purchase journey.

Two people looking at a digital screen showing a Tinder advert

The new research study explores the following:

  • A common purchase journey for Gen Z and Millennials.

  • Retail spaces and malls play a big part in this purchase journey; not just as a point of purchase, but also as a resource for inspiration and research both on and offline.

  • Malls Live advertising plays a standout role, perfectly complementing and competing with other digital media channels that also feature as part of this consumer journey.

Check out the key insights from the study