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NHS Leeds Summer Health

19 Sep 2018 / Campaigns
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Painter painting a NHS logo on a billboard

This August the NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) ran a month-long Out of Home campaign across our network in Leeds, including a unique 96 sheet billboard site hand-painted by a local artist.

The campaign, booked through UMPF Limited, ran health associated messages across our Adshel Live network, with each creative being tailored to that morning’s forecast. For example, high UV warnings would trigger a sunscreen and cover-up message, and high pollen counts would trigger allergy medication advice. This campaign was part of the NHS’s big summer health push, which aimed to raise the public’s awareness of weather-related conditions that can affect people during hot summer months.

The digital campaign was also supported by a unique 96 sheet billboard that was live painted by local Leeds artist Emma Hardaker. The unique artwork, similar to the rest of the campaign, was designed to reflect that day’s weather conditions and consequent health messaging.

Dr Bryan Power, a local GP and Clinical Lead for Long-Term Conditions at NHS Leeds CCG, said: “This campaign is not about reminding the public about the weather, which we can all check on our phones and computers, it’s a public health initiative designed to make us all a little more aware. It’s also important that we keep an eye out for our vulnerable neighbours during spells of extreme weather.


“I’m hoping that this innovative approach will encourage people to take greater responsibility of their health and as a result reduce the pressure on our frontline NHS staff.”

It was great to be able to help co-ordinate such a creative campaign that not only looked fantastic and had that extra flourish of creativity, but also carried an important public health message.