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Four Pieces of Outdoor Advertising Advice

09 Jul 2018 / News
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Clear Channel staff, Martin Corke, Louise Hunt, Alex Fahey, Kerry Stone

Making people aware of a business, a product or an initiative is a tricky task. In this article four experts in Out of Home offer some priceless advice

Making people aware of a business, a product or an initiative is a tricky task. Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to be struck with a eureka moment and come up with the perfect advertising campaign at the drop of hat. However, for most people, it takes a lot of planning to ensure everything is in place for strong, memorable advertising strategy. The experts at Clear Channel Direct have years of experience in exactly this - organising, strategising and executing the most effective outdoor advertising campaigns for a variety of clients. Here, our team are going to offer you their most valuable insights into outdoor advertising - make sure you’re paying attention.

Martin Corke - Marketing Director

“People notice and emotionally connect with images of other people.
Remember the majority of people view Out of Home media from vehicles - therefore your ad needs to work at distance. Fewer words the better"

Louise Hunt – Senior Business Development Manager

“Audiences appreciate and are more likely to recall localised messages.
The product you advertise on is not pertinent, it’s all about the audience who views the product.
Getting the audience right is the most crucial part of any Outdoor campaign.
Think about your audience , who they are? what their lifestyle is like? What do they do on a daily basis?
That’s how you choose what product is right for you based on the audience’s everyday lifestyle
Get in front of the right people in the right place at the right time.”

Alex Fahey – Agency Group Head

“Outdoor advertising builds trust for brands and allows you to broadcast your message nationally or target a specific location. This flexibility is what makes outdoor such an attractive medium for any size of business because it is easily scalable and delivers reach, activation and fame.”

Kerry Stone – Senior Business Development Manager

“Know your audience and tailor your advertising to talk to those people only. The more specific the message, the harder the campaign will work for you. There’s no point advertising your Social Media handles to an over 55 market for example!”