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Powerful Posters capture magic moments for brands

28 Apr 2022 / News, Opinions
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Digital Adshel Live screen featuring Corona advert with cyclist passing by

Crafting the perfect message at the perfect moment for brands. Something we all as marketers and creatives strive to do to grab that all important attention. This months Powerful Posters combines brilliant design with the power of context to look at a few advertisers who have done just that with beautiful and striking simplicity.

From The Moments of Truth insight study, we know that messaging related to the context in which it is seen provides more engagement of that ad. Digital Out of Home has opened up an even more exciting time for the outdoor industry for brands. Below are four great examples of real-world context I saw during April.

Instant / Environment – Disney

Using some clever camera work, Clear Channel Scandinavia and Disney created this surprising trick of the eye to superimpose the character live into metro stations using the perspective and real-world environment to provide real world context.

A simple concept, expertly delivered with an added shock factor, and a great socially shareable execution.

Time / Location – Corona

With the summer nights drawing ever closer, and the golden hour becoming longer and more pronounced, Corona were looking to own 5pm to become the drink of choice in the sun after a hard day's work.

Perfectly shot, golden, hero product and lifestyle photography displayed at just the right moment, with the hour before sundown a dynamically served creative reminding customers where they could purchase a drink nearby.

Clear Channel Digital screen showing Corona advert

Moment – McDonalds

A D&AD wooden pencil winning campaign by DDB New Zealand, this McDonalds campaign uses the context of dark, wet winter evenings to mouth-watering effect. Stunning photography, shot in camera expertly by Toaki Okano, uses lights and reflection to portray the brands staple menu items.

The campaign perfect for reaching audiences out late, hungry and need of that gentle nudge that your local store is simply and succinctly “Open late”.

Mcdonalds Advert showing floodlit streets on an empty high street

Occasion – Tesco

A truly Powerful Poster. A campaign, by Tesco and BBH London, where I felt personally motivated to become more educated as a result of seeing it. And a campaign upon reading the detail becomes even more impressive, showcasing the capabilities of DOOH as both a targeted and an inclusive channel for brands.

A dynamic creative which evolves alongside sunset as the plates fill up with food, signifying Iftar, the meal eaten at the end of a day’s fasting during Ramadam. The campaign ran on locations with high Muslim populations for maximum relevance, only displayed on eastwards facing billboards alongside no other creatives and was also produced and photographed by practicing Muslims and D&I consultancy The Unmistakables, features members of Tesco’s internal Race and Ethnicity Network, all adding to the authenticity of the campaign.

A superb, superb campaign. Bravo.

Tesco advert for Ramadam campaign showing a variety of dishes

To learn more about our collaborative industry projects on the power of context and Out of Home to drive brand engagement and sales, read more at The Moments of Truth.