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Proud. Powerful. Public?

30 Jun 2022 / News, Opinions
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Pride DOOH LGBT advertising campaign

This month’s Powerful Posters article is short, sweet and proud. It is not a pride washing commentary - I’m sure you’ve read a fair amount of these throughout June already. As a member of the LGBT community (a gay, married man – he/him), come the end of May until early July, I’m frequently targeted across my social feeds by countless ads from brands featuring diverse and queer portraits and lifestyle photography, all pushing pride product ranges.

So many of these ads are both brilliant and beautiful. I even shared a few with colleagues. But one thing that strikes me always is how closed and targeted these ads are, when they could breathe a whole new lease of life out there in public - to a much broader audience and be part of much more powerful campaign.

They also showcase the natural creative synergies, known across the sector as the two screen future, between portrait social ads and Out of Home formats. I often see better designed 'posters' on social stories than on outdoor advertising campaigns.

One such campaign (with multiple copy executions) was this stunning set of ads from Calvin Klein which I was served throughout the whole of May. At the time, I noted how much I’d love to see this awesome photography proudly displaying in public. 

Social and DOOH creative advertising synergy

Not so much more than a week later, heading into June, I was delighted to see a brand confidently display, in full view of all communities, the same Instagram stories I had been targeted. A great example of a brand using real-world advertising to be inclusive in their omni-channel campaign planning. I would have loved to see a slightly higher contrast and size on the brand and messaging, to make it even more powerful, but none-the-less, I was proud to see a brand representing, very publicly. 


Calvin Klein This is Love Campaign on OOH Telephone Box

by Ben Hope, Marketing Director