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Real-world experiences for omnichannel success

12 May 2022 / Insights
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New Clear Channel research reveals the importance of real-world experiences in driving online retail sales. These touchpoints have the power to build brand familiarity and trust, which reinforces contentment and consideration. It is essential to be present wherever and whenever your consumers are, and Out of Home is the ultimate bridge between their real-world and online retail experiences.

By Elizabeth Quach, Senior Research & Insight Manager 

Lockdown was great for e-commerce penetration; online shopping was unsurprisingly heightened when stores were shut. However, as we all head back out into the real world, digital share is consolidating and physical footfall is returning at pace. This move back to malls and the high street is primarily motivated by a lack of trust in online. So, how can online brands retain and grow their customer base against this evolving landscape?

Clear Channel’s latest research, surveying over 1000 online shoppers uncovers that the only way for brands to truly satisfy the needs of today’s omnichannel consumer, is to keep them grounded with a connection to the real world. The power of a real-world relationship can ignite interest, foster trust and be that nudge to purchase. 

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Real-world experiences ignite interest

There are clear limitations to online browsing. Consumers want to have their attention grabbed. They're excited to see brands in person. Not only does a physical presence spark intrigue in the consumer decision journey, but it also acts as a final destination pointer, directing consumers online. A real-world touchpoint is a memorable reminder, and often the nudge your consumer needs before purchasing online. 2 in 5 agree they are often driven to purchase something online after seeing it in real life. 

Strengthening the omnichannel experience

Consumer trust is significantly lower for online platforms when compared to in-store experiences, with shoppers saying they are 30%less likely to trust their online purchases. There is great advantage in building a relationship of trust and familiarity with your consumer, a real-world presence is the foundational block for brand recognition and connection. The tangible benefit is that consumers are willing to spend more on brands they recognise, and are twice as likely to return to familiar brands than try something new.

Be the brand your consumer thinks about

Shopping experiences are transforming, bouncing back and forth between online and real-world channels; 52% of consumers say they feel more connected to online brands that they can also see in the real world. Brands will need to bridge the gap between the two, and unify their customers with a seamless omnichannel journey. From influencing brand choice, to reinforcing the effectiveness of digital channels, and nudging in-market shoppers, Out of Home is perfectly placed to help maximise online success.

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