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Restart, Renew, Reset: Wellbeing Trends for 2021

16 Nov 2020 / Insights
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The dawn of every New Year sparks new goals for Brits, and 2021 will see individuals more motivated than ever to commit to their health journey. The unpredictability of this year has seen a significant impact on wellbeing and an increased focus on health. With nearly 4 in 5 Brits seeking health-related goals, we wanted to explore the depth of their motivations and intentions.

This new research from Clear Channel uncovers key lifestyle changes that people are adopting to transform their health journey - The Wellbeing Trinity: Physical Health, Mental Health, and Eating Well. Alongside inspiring key trends, paired with the strength of Out of Home, brands can engage with health-interested consumers in new and unique ways.

Exercising differently

With COVID and implemented lockdowns, fitness remains top of mind for Brits. In fact, half are wanting to improve their physical health this New Year.

New ways of living have led to shifts in exercise habits, including:

The return to gyms and the digital fitness evolution…
90% of people are more likely than average to join or renew their membership, and 18-34s are driving the influx back to gyms. With many adjusting to working from home, members are opting for local commutes to the gym, as well as flexible memberships, including digital passes.

As such, subscriptions to at-home programs are significantly rising post COVID, into 2021. And particularly, 2 in 5 25-34s state they have subscribed to these programmes.

Enjoying the outdoors…
With the nation still restricted, Brits are also using nature’s resources to exercise. 7 in 10 are embracing outdoor areas, participating in hikes, walks, cycling, and bootcamp workouts.

Mental Health

Particularly in uncertain times, taking care of your mind is equally as important as your physical health. We see a worrying 2 in 5 report that they have felt the impact of mental health during this period.

Stress and anxiety are the UK’s highest concerns to improve. However, mental wellbeing is multi-faceted and perceived differently across individuals. Narrowing down, sleep health is a concern amongst Baby Boomers, whilst maintaining stable relationships and self-esteem is deemed more of an alarm for young adults.

This upcoming year will see people continue to take a step back and take time for themselves, leaning into mindfulness, with 2 in 5 using the aid of digital apps and tech.

Eating Well

To completely fulfil our bodies, we understand we must nourish ourselves from the inside out. 3 in 4 understand improving their food knowledge will assist in long-term health and agree that eating well is a lifestyle not a temporary trend. In the same note, 72% want to find the balance between eating clean, taste, and enjoying life.

The next year will see amended eating lifestyles, with top new habits including sugar-free, organic/natural products and flexitarian diets (plant-based focus).

To inspire our health-focused nation to enhance their lives, Out of Home can be the leader to reach and influence your consumers. They are ready for brands to reach out and guide their lifestyle change, and they’re seeking solutions to educate, explain and inform their shopping decisions. Out of home can also highlight brands’ presence at the most relevant times and location to activate their decision making, whether it be at the supermarket, restaurant, gyms or parks.

Ultimately, the next year will see Brits devote time for themselves, harmonising physical health, mental health and a well-balanced diet. These new habits will transform the way people live permanently, and brands tapping into these new habits will ultimately reap the rewards.

  Source: Clear Channel survey sent to Toluna sample of 1,000 UK national rep  

Elizabeth Quach, Senior Research & Insight Manager

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