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Rethinking Retail - OOH & the changing consumer

17 May 2021 / Opinions
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The latest piece in our Voice on the High Street series explores the seismic changes in retail, and how rethinking the role of OOH is needed to connect with the changing consumer.

The impact of Covid has accelerated the growth of e-commerce, which now represents 30% of all UK retail spend. Whilst we’ve said goodbye to high-street stalwarts like Topshop and Debenhams, bricks-and-mortar retail is far from dead, but it appears that success will come blending the digital and physical experience. John Lewis predicts that online will represent 70% of their total sales by 2025 and is investing £1billion in their e-commerce offering.  As an omni-channel approach to retail becomes the norm, advertisers must also take an omni-channel approach to media.

Advertisers must also take an omni-channel approach to media

But there are several other trends affecting consumer behaviour that retailers will need to consider. With flexible working patterns likely to continue beyond the pandemic, we’ll naturally see consumers spending more time closer to home and supporting their local-high streets. Community has become the new battleground for brands.

Community has become the new battleground for brands

In addition, shopping has now become always-on. Our ability to shop or browse whenever we want, wherever we want has been simplified through advancements in m-commerce. The purchase journey is far from linear, so influencing purchase decisions has become more complex for marketers to navigate.

Shopping has now become always-on

And, as power shifts to the consumer, we’re now seeing sustainability and brand purpose become a key driver of brand choice, with 63% more likely to choose brands that are socially responsible. Not only have retailers had to become more conscious in this space but establishing effective ways of communicating their efforts will be crucial.

63% more likely to choose brands that are socially responsible

Through a fresh approach, Out of Home can help advertisers connect with these changes in consumer behaviour.

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