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TfL, Clear Channel and Wildstone raise the bar on digital out-of-home advertising with the launch of ‘The Chiswick Towers’

02 Apr 2013 / News
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Transport for London (TfL), Clear Channel and Wildstone have announced the launch of ‘The Chiswick Towers’, a new premium roadside digital advertising site.

Transport for London (TfL), Clear Channel and Wildstone have announced the launch of ‘The Chiswick Towers’, a new premium roadside digital advertising site.

The development is comprised of two towers, each featuring double sided screens using the best digital LED technology currently available. The towers are situated on the M4 between Heathrow and central London, which, with a monthly reach of over 2.3 million road users, is the UK’s most prominent advertising location.

‘The Chiswick Towers’ are not only situated in a prime location for advertising but also stand out as an impressive architectural landmark, designed to attract leading global brands. Clear Channel will operate the sites and sell the advertising space. At launch, Sky is using the towers for a campaign showcasing its Formula 1 coverage.

The towers have been designed, developed and built by outdoor advertising consultancy Wildstone as part of its three year appointment to develop TfL’s roadside advertising estate. TfL has set Wildstone the objective of maximising advertising revenue from its roadside property assets through raising the profile of its advertising estate and bringing innovative new sites to market. This will also support TfL’s plans to utilise its assets to generate income which it will reinvest into the transport network.

The towers are made from corten steel, a material synonymous with architecture and sculpture and are designed to complement both the natural and man-made environment of the local area. The overall scheme includes a landscaping and lighting scheme around the base of the structures on the Chiswick roundabout to improve the aesthetics of the urban environment.

Graeme Craig, Director of Commercial Development at TfL, said: “The Chiswick Towers are a fantastic example of the direction TfL is taking with its commercial estate. This will allow us to get the most out of our advertising sites and ensure that any income generated can be directly reinvested back into London’s transport network, delivering value for money for fare and taxpayers, as well as enabling us to deliver improved services for our customers.”

Matthew Dearden, CEO of Clear Channel UK, said: “The Chiswick Towers are the first step in taking roadside premium advertising to an entirely new level. Blending true architectural design with the very best digital screen technology raises the bar for the whole sector, creating a stunning new opportunity for advertisers and brands.”

Damian Cox, CEO at Wildstone, adds: “With this development, we are challenging the status quo of outdoor advertising. There is a great need for consultancies and developers to be creative and innovative, or we risk the market becoming saturated with standard format advertising sites that have low appeal to advertisers and do little to improve the value of property assets. This creation sets a new benchmark for design and technology, and reaffirms our position as the leading developer of super premium outdoor advertising space.”