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What are the Benefits of Local Business Advertising?

19 Jan 2022 / Insights
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In 2022, the advertising agency market size is expected to reach £16.8bn in the UK. Because there is so much digital noise when it comes to advertising, it is vital that you find ways to stand out when you are advertising your business.One simple and effective way to reach your target audience is through local business advertising.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of local advertising? Keep reading this local business advertising guide for the top local business advertising benefits.  

Specific Demographics

One benefit of local advertising is that it allows you to reach specific demographics. This is especially important with online marketing. When you have a target audience, using their demographics is an easy way to reach the right people with your ads. 

On platforms like Google Ads, you can use these demographics to reach people in certain local areas, people of certain ages and genders, and more. While online advertising allows you to target specific demographics, so does Out of Home Advertising!

In fact, Clear Channel RADAR provides important insights to your audience, including their demographics, locations, points of interest, and more.    

As you utilize these specific demographics for your advertisements, you will be more likely to reach the right people. 

More Precise

Next, local advertising is a highly-targeted and precise way to reach your audience. This is something that makes your advertising much more effective, whether you are using Google Ads or even social media ads. 

When you only target those in your local audience, you can get to know your audience better. You can also learn more about their demographics and interests and will be able to engage with them in your advertisements. 

With these precise ads, you will find that you increase your conversions and have more loyal customers. Plus, using a local advertising strategy through Clear Channel will help you be well-positioned to reach your audience. 

In fact, 66% of Clear Channel sites are in local high streets or other local areas. This means that you will be advertising where your local audience will be likely to see you (Route 41, % of CCUK estate). 

Higher Conversion Levels

Another important reason why you should use local advertising for your company is that it leads to higher conversion factors. When you use local advertising, you guarantee that your advertising is reaching the right people. 

Local people will be much more likely to support your business, so you will reach much higher conversions. 

Plus, local advertising helps you weed out impressions from people who do not fit into your target demographic. By reaching out to a highly targeted audience, you can make sure your conversion levels are increasing. 

You can also use tools like local directory marketing to increase your conversions. These directories display your business name and information to local customers. This can help increase your sales and improve business recognition. 

Similarly, Clear Channel's Out of Home Advertising works with schools, colleges, universities, and even local councils to advertise in the heart of communities. This is done using bus shelter posters, local Asda digital screens, and billboards along main arterial routes into towns and cities.

With more people passing these areas every day, your advertisements will get more impressions and lead to more conversions. 

Builds Your Reputation

Another great benefit of local advertising is that it allows you to build your reputation online. This is especially important for small businesses that are trying to gain new customers, as word of mouth can be a great way to increase your sales. 

With local advertising, you can find people in your local area to come to your store, which opens up options for interaction with your customer base. 

An food advert on a Clear Channel Adshel Live panel next to Pret A Manger

Plus, using an Out of Home advertisement service gives you more impressions and will increase your brand recognition.

If they share your business with their family and friends, your reputation will grow! Local advertising is also a great way to get more online reviews and improve your online reputation.    


As a business owner, it is important to find ways to save money where you can. With localized advertising, it is much easier to save money on your campaigns. When you start an advertising campaign with a huge scope, you may waste money on low-quality impressions.

However, local advertising will ensure that you only reach your local audience. 

Local advertisements reach a specific audience. This means that you will only spend money advertising to people who are likely to buy your products or services. This way you can get a higher return on your investment without having to cast a huge advertising net. 

Plus, there are many types of local advertising that are completely free. These include local citations and directory sites, Google My Business, and more. 

To save money, it is better to reach a specific group of people to increase your chances of selling your products. This way, you can make better use of your advertising resources and focus on local customers that are ready to buy. 

By using Out of Home advertising, you can choose which areas of your local town or city you want to advertise in to reach the most precise audience possible. This will save you money and avoid wastage.

Increased Foot Traffic and Sales

Because more people are finding ways to spend time in their local community and support their local businesses, it is important that you find ways to increase foot traffic.

In fact, 57% of people make an effort to support their local community and 49% of people spend more time in their local areas than they did before the pandemic (Clear Channel The New Commuter and Mobility Survey September 2021 *Essentials: Gym, Finance, Grocery etc). 

Local advertising also provides businesses with increased foot traffic and sales. When you advertise your business locally, your local audience will learn more about your business and will be familiar with your products and services. 

This way, when they pass by your storefront, they will be more likely to come inside and make a purchase. 

A vegan protein billboard campaign above shops with a bus driving past

Using local advertising for specific events for your business will also help you get more sales during your event and increase your traffic.

If you are looking for effective local marketing ideas, you should consider Out of Home advertising.   

Creates New Relationships

Finally, using local advertising is a great way to build relationships with your local audience. First, marketing locally allows you to build new relationships with other local businesses. This can help you strengthen your business reputation and community. 

It is also necessary for word-of-mouth marketing.  

Local advertising can also help you strengthen your relationships with your local customers. When they see advertisements for your business, they will be more likely to recognize your business and see that it is reputable and trustworthy.

Using Out of Home advertising can greatly improve your reputation and help you grow your business.

Need Help With Local Business Advertising? 

Local business advertising is an effective tool for any business owner looking to boost their sales, conversions, and more. By hiring a digital advertising company, you can reach targeted audiences and grow your business. 

Do you need help finding more local business advertising tips? Clear Channel can help! We provide everything from digital advertising, outdoor advertising, billboard advertising, and more. 

Contact our team today to learn more about local business advertising and to start improving your business marketing.