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What is Adshel?

22 May 2019 / Insights
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An Adshel Live screen on a free standing roadside unit at night showing an ad for a Miley Cyrus album

Adshel is Clear Channel’s market-leading network of over 35,000 6 sheet advertising displays. Available for two-week slots, these displays are ideal for bespoke campaigns with specific demographics in mind.

The screens themselves use energy efficient technology, including LED lighting to provide brilliant displays. Our bus shelter displays are 1.2m x 1.8m in full, providing a large space to convey the message you want. As long as image size and quality requirements are adhered to when designing, your advertisement will be presented in crystal clear quality, whether in print or digital.

They’ve got time

There’s so many reasons to use Adshel. Hundreds of thousands of people travel by bus every day, and with our bus shelter advertisements - our Adshel platform, you can be sure that you’ll grab their attention. Sitting at a bus stop for five or ten minutes before or after work means that there’s a lot of time for people to engage with your advert - incorporating a QR code, for example, could work wonders, as most people will have their smartphones at the ready. They’re impressed by your advert, they scan the code, they engage further with your brand.

Be upfront

The enclosed nature of a bus shelter means that your advert is in much closer proximity to those in the shelter, but not intrusively so. People waiting for buses will likely be bored, too - your advert offers the perfect source of engagement, so an effective advertisement can thrive. If a bus shelter has two Adshel spaces, consider booking both to make that bus shelter your own private advertising platform.

Increase footfall

For businesses with a physical premises, such as a restaurant, a bar or a shop, Adshel is a very effective way of driving footfall to your location. A well-designed advert that engages the consumer and also directs them to a specific place can result in an increase in people coming through your doors. They might be trying to make plans for a Friday evening; they see an advert for a happy hour or new restaurant just down the road, and suddenly they know exactly where to go.

The scope for engagement is enormous with bus shelter advertisement. Clear Channel have

35,000 bus stop advertising spaces around the country, and they’re viewed

212 million times every two weeks - can you really justify missing out on that level of exposure?

To find out more information about the specifications of our Adshel options contact us today.