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Why does Out of Home work so well for FMCGs?

30 Sep 2020 / Insights, New to OOH
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A Meatless Farm vegan burger ad on Adshel Live screen on a leafy street with people walking past

FMCG brands or Fast Moving Consumer Goods have always paired up perfectly with Out of Home (OOH) advertising. In fact, some of the most iconic Outdoor ads have come from this sector, from the astronomical #OreoEclipse advert to Carlsberg's generous, self-serving billboard.

Large FMCG brands have and hopefully will continue to use OOH to produce more creative, brand-boosting campaigns.

However, with the public's shift towards more health-conscious and sustainability focused products, we're seeing an emergence of new, exciting FMCG brands joining the UK Out of Home stage, from Meat-free meat alternatives, to vegan crisps and to the tastiest tofu advert you'll ever see!

But why does Out of Home work so well for FMCGs?

Influence shoppers

Surprise, surprise! FMCG brands use Out of Home to influence potential customers and increase their product sales, however, that's not the exciting part. The exciting part is how they use OOH. FMCG brands don't just whack up thousands of posters across the UK and hope for the best (although that may have some benefit) - they're much more creative than that. Using our digital supermarket portfolio; Asda Live and Sainsbury's live, FMCG brands often capitalize on the ability to influence shopper's purchasing decision at the 'last window of opportunity', in other words, the last advert a shopper will see before entering the supermarket and making a purchase.

This isn't only applicable to our supermarket portfolio, the same can be said for our other Digital Out of Home products (DOOH), including our leading DOOH network; Adshel Live. In fact, our Adshel Live network is within walking distance to 26,400+ retailers across the UK, enabling FMCG brands further opportunity to target key retail hotspots and spending shoppers.

Target retailers

If your FMCG brand is still in it's infancy or if you've recently launched your startup and want supermarket stores to stock your product, this isn't easy within the current climate. However, there's been a clear shift in consumer and retailer mentality whereby consumers are demanding more ethically sourced products and retailers are on the hunt for fresh, innovative brands to diversify their product range.

With that being said, your brand still needs to attract attention from the retail giants, which is where OOH comes into the picture. While Out of Home is predominately used to reach consumers, we often see FMCG brands also using OOH to turn retailer's heads by running intelligent proximity campaigns by advertising on sites within 50m, 100m, or 200m distance from target retailers, such as Morrisons, Boots, Wholefoods etc. Which is exactly what EMILY did below! In addition to their hilariously bold social commentary jests during national lockdown, they also targeted key retailers using Digital Out of Home, including Holland & Barrett and Sainsbury's.

Creative Canvas

The FMCG sector is arguably one of the most creative sectors out there. In such an increasingly crowded market, brands and start-ups are forever fighting for the spotlight by showcasing innovative and brave Out of Home (OOH) campaigns. For those with a quirky tone, a unique brand or an hilarious concept, OOH truly provides the perfect creative canvas for the most playful brands to express themselves and captivate new, loyal customers.

As our 'how to create perfect posters' blog reveals, a successful Out of Home campaign often stirs an emotion from the viewer, whether that be making someone laugh, cry or simply shocked! The emotional response that viewers experience from seeing a powerful advert is what makes the advert so memorable. Just take the exceptional M*** F*** example below by Meatless Farm, a shockingly brilliant vegan campaign that certainly caught the public's attention!

Go big...

...Or go home! One of the simpler reasons why FMCG brands love using Out of Home is because it's such a powerful brand booster, especially for start-ups looking to take the market by storm. With the acceleration of Digital advertising, Out of Home has become much more innovative in terms of it's audience targeting ability for brands and businesses.

However, at it's traditional core, our OOH portfolio offers brands a unique physical presence in extremely busy areas across the UK; providing businesses with a staggering number of views from potential customers walking or driving past. A perfect recent example of this can be seen by Tofoo, who displayed their eye-catching creative on over 100 billboards throughout Greater London, generating enormous awareness for their brand.