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Why you should advertise outdoors this winter

Winter is almost here and, with Christmas fast approaching, many marketers and advertisers are looking at rejuvenating their strategies.

For retail businesses in particular, it’s a lucrative time of year, with the average household spending 29% more in December than in a typical month. This provides the perfect environment in which to test a new strategy or optimise existing activity.

But it’s not just retailers who benefit from the shift into winter. As seasons change, so does audience behaviour, and with this comes a host of opportunities for businesses across various verticals. Outdoor advertising can help these businesses capitalise on the opportunities presented to them – here’s why you should consider it.

On the Beach roadside billboard ad

1. To activate bored travellers  

It’s no secret that bad weather forces us off the pavements and into our cars. Winter is therefore the ideal time to advertise to the large numbers of people travelling to work daily or cross country over Christmas.

Our Storm screens are placed along busy arterial routes into major cities, perfectly placed to capture the attention of commuters stuck in traffic. Throughout winter, these travellers are bored and looking for a dopamine hit. Clever advertising can provide just that, activating the interest of potential customers by associating your brand with positive emotions.

Pandora Christmas bus shelter ad

2. To tap into powerful emotions 

From childhood memories to family traditions to the clichéd magical atmosphere, there are plenty of reasons why we can end up feeling nostalgic around Christmastime. Add to this the sense of philanthropy and community that the holiday tends to bring about and you have a plethora of powerful emotions ready to tap into.

Winter therefore provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with your advertising. By making use of outdoor advertising boards, especially interactive ones, you can activate an entirely new audience with carefully crafted adverts that play on their heartstrings or speak to nostalgic memories.

Aldi Christmas bus shelter ad

3. To take advantage of the Christmas effect 

There are many obvious advantages that Christmas provides advertisers. People are desperate for gift ideas and are looking to spend money – not just on presents but also food, decorations and party outfits. At the same time, the run-up to Christmas encourages people out of their houses, whether for shopping, children’s activities or festive celebrations.

This results in large numbers of people, who are willing to interact with advertisers, being in environments outside their homes. Customers are ready to purchase, and outdoor advertising enables communication with them at exactly the right point.

H and M winter bus shelter ad

4. To amplify your online efforts 

Alongside the high-street Christmas rush, people also shop online more during winter. This increase in buying activity means that competition is high amongst businesses, and it can be difficult to cut through the saturation of online content and advertising.

Campaign amplification therefore becomes a priority for marketers. Outdoor sign advertising has been proven to support online marketing more than any other traditional media, being a budget-friendly and effective way of making creative content go further. By utilising Out of Home media, advertisers can drive multi-channel conversions as well as widen their reach.

Making winter outdoor advertising work for you

There are endless reasons why you should advertise outdoors during winter but before you launch into a campaign, it’s important to carefully consider your strategy. We know that cold weather changes behaviour and, depending on how you respond, can be either a pitfall or an opportunity. For example, if the cold drives World Cup revellers indoors, there’s an opportunity to make use of the increased number of eyes on digital advertising screens in pubs and bars.

To learn more about Out of Home campaign planning, the advertising formats available and how to adapt your strategy for winter, get in touch with our team today.

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