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Billboard advertising statistics

The statistics on billboard advertising paint a tempting picture for anyone considering the channel. In this article, we’ll take a look at the key figures, as well as some interesting facts about billboards. We’ll also provide an overview of billboard specs and sizes, so you can get a better idea of how much space your billboard could occupy. 

Useful statistics on billboard advertising 

Billboards reach vast numbers of people daily, making them an effective way for brands to communicate their messages. But what does the data say? We’ve compiled some of the most recent billboard statistics so that you can see for yourself. 

19.8m UK adults have seen a billboard in the past week1

Billboard advertising’s reach is almost unparalleled. Only TV advertising has traditionally been able to compete, and with the rise of on-demand streaming, this is decreasingly the case. Billboards are everywhere – so long as people leave their houses for work, leisure, socialising or running errands, they’ll come into contact with a billboard sooner or later. 

Consumers report a 198% increase in ad awareness when exposed to billboards and other large formats2

Billboards naturally draw more attention than smaller formats. They take up space and are placed in prominent positions, where they’re highly visible to the people passing by. This is why they’re effective at driving spontaneous ad awareness, especially when compared to smaller adverts. 

57% of Gen Z think billboards make brands stand out3

You might assume that Gen Z are all about online advertising and influencer marketing. But, perhaps surprisingly, they also recognise the brand power that billboards hold. Reaching young audiences can be tricky within the saturated online space – turning to billboards can be a way of cutting through the noise. 

Brand consideration increases by 6% when exposed to large format DOOH4

When making a decision about which brand to buy from, consumers are 6% more likely to consider those that have appeared on large format Digital Out of Home.  

Online brand searches increase by 17% following audience billboard exposure5

After being exposed to a large format billboard advert, brands will experience an average uplift in online searches of 17%. Aside from the direct benefits of increased traffic and sales that this brings, there can be positive knock-on effects. For instance, branded search volume is thought to be correlated with SEO performance.  

55% of Gen Z say billboards showing dynamic content capture their attention6

It’s no surprise that dynamic content is effective at capturing attention. It’s only natural for the eye to be drawn towards movement, especially during an age when video content dominates. Digital billboard advertising is therefore a great way to maximise engagement with your OOH campaign. 

Contextually relevant billboard content increase brain response by 18%7

Neuroscientists have revealed that there’s an average 18% increase in brain response when audiences are shown content referencing the current location, weather, time and other contextually relevant stimuli.  

OOH advertising statistics

Billboards sit under the larger Out of Home advertising umbrella, so it’s useful to also consider some of the broader statistics that apply.  

  • 45% of UK adults say they respond to outdoor ads in one way or another 

  • Brands utilising OOH have 26% greater profits than those who don’t9 

  • OOH advertising results in a 47% uplift in sales10 

Billboard facts

We’ve pulled together some fun facts about billboards that you might not know:

  • Billboards are thousands of years old, with evidence that people as far back as Ancient Egypt used early forms to broadcast messages and promote products.

  • The first modern digital billboard was installed in 2005, but the first electronic billboard was put together from 1,457 incandescent lightbulbs in 1892.

  • Billboards used to be made from paper, but vinyl is now a much more common material.  

  • Digital billboards are gradually taking over from static, vinyl ones.

  • The billboards in Times Square are so bright that they can be seen from space.

Billboard specs and sizes 

The standard billboard size in the UK is 3x6m. This is generally referred to as 48-sheets, which is derived from the industry’s historical naming and sizing conventions. Larger billboards, called 96-sheets and measuring 3x12m, are also available.

Digital billboard dimensions can vary between providers, but commonly measure 3x6m, as is the case with our Billboard Live product. For more information, read our guide to billboard specs and sizes.

To kickstart your digital or static billboard advertising campaign, speak to one of our team today.  

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