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DOOH statistics & market trends

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) has revolutionised the outdoor advertising industry with its ability to display dynamic content and utilise programmatic buying. Brands of all sizes now have more freedom than ever to design effective campaigns for a variety of different goals. 

It’s therefore no surprise that the DOOH market has grown exponentially in recent years. With its trajectory set to continue upward, we’re taking a look at the statistics that underline why the channel is such a powerful platform for brands. 

But first, here’s some background information on the Digital Out of Home market.

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Digital Out of Home market trends

The Digital Out of Home UK market size is $0.91bn (around £0.69bn). This makes up around 67% of the total UK OOH market, although that share is projected to increase over the next few years as more digital OOH infrastructure is rolled out nationally. 

In comparison, the DOOH market size worldwide is $17.54bn (around £13.56bn). The UK has one of the largest markets but is still, unsurprisingly, dwarfed by the US, which has a DOOH market size of $4.87bn (around £3.76bn). 

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Following a big dip in DOOH advertising spend during 2020, which can be attributed to the coronavirus lockdowns, the UK market bounced back enthusiastically with a 39% increase in ad spend in 2021 and a further 33% increase in 2022. 

Now that things have settled and DOOH infrastructure has expanded, the rate of growth is slowing down. Still, ad spend is expected to increase by 7.2% in 2023, demonstrating DOOH’s continued popularity.

Top Digital Out of Home advertising statistics

Brands and organisations all over the world use DOOH advertising to reach people as they’re going about their daily lives. The medium is flexible, efficient and able to deliver dynamic content to highly targeted audiences. 

We could talk about the benefits of DOOH all day long but, sometimes, it’s better to let the data speak for itself. So, here are some of the top DOOH statistics.

  • Premium DOOH increases brand trust by 13%

Following exposure to premium DOOH, participants of a study reported 13% higher levels of trust in the advertised brands than those who had no exposure. Premium DOOH usually refers to large, high-quality screens in high-traffic areas.

  • Large format DOOH increases brand consideration by 6%

When exposed to large format DOOH, consumers report a 6% increase in brand consideration. Billboard Live, our roadside digital 48-sheets, is an example of large format DOOH.

  • Contextually relevant content increases ad effectiveness by 17%

DOOH screens can display dynamic content where the variation shown is triggered by contextual factors such as time, location, weather or a live update. Delivering the right message at the right time through contextually relevant content has been shown to increase ad effectiveness by an average of 17%.

  • Contextually relevant content increases consumer brain response by 18%3

There’s science behind the stats! Studies have shown that when contextually relevant content is displayed on DOOH screens, the brain response of those viewing it increases by 18%. 

  • 55% of Gen Z say billboards showing dynamic content capture their attention 

Gen Z is typically associated with social media marketing, but advertisers may well be missing a trick if they’re not also utilising DOOH. It’s notoriously difficult to capture the attention of this demographic – digital billboards could be the solution. 

  • 84% of people who have noticed DOOH roadside or on bus shelters in the past week are heavy to medium TV viewers

DOOH campaigns can be designed to achieve an independent goal or to complement other media. For example, the combined reach of TV and DOOH can provide unbeatable levels of brand awareness.

Clear Channel’s DOOH statistics

Clear Channel is one of the UK’s leading Out of Home media owners. Our Adshel Live network of digital 6-sheets is the country’s largest DOOH network, providing scalability and flexibility to ambitious brands and organisations.

Here are some of the statistics we’re most proud of regarding our DOOH offering. 

  • Our total DOOH network reaches 66% of UK adults weekly.

  • Our network of digital 6-sheets (Adshel Live) reaches 50% of UK adults weekly.

  • Our Adshel Live network is within walking distance of 51,000 high street retailers7.  

  • Malls Live, our network of shopping centre screens, generates 55m impacts every two weeks.

  • Combined, our Sainsbury’s Live and Asda Live networks generate 49m impacts every two weeks8.

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