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The benefits of DOOH

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising brings together the impact of Out of Home (OOH) with the dynamic capabilities of digital technology. It’s a fairly recent evolution in the OOH landscape and offers advertisers a smarter way of connecting with their audiences. 

While DOOH possesses the same qualities that make OOH such an effective channel, it also has many unique benefits to offer. From real-time campaign management to interactive experiences, DOOH excites brands and audiences alike. 

Let’s take a look at the wide-ranging advantages of using Digital Out of Home advertising.

The benefits of Out of Home

Before we get to the exclusive benefits of DOOH, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the key benefits provided by all forms of OOH, including digital formats:

  • Phenomenal reach – OOH reaches 52 million people each week, which is about 80% of the UK population. For organisations seeking fame or brand awareness, there are few options that can deliver such vast and diverse audiences. 

  • Cost-efficiency – a huge reach surely comes with an equally huge price tag, or so you might think. Fortunately, the opposite is true. OOH is one of the most cost-efficient forms of mass advertising, which might be why 96% of marketers are happy with the ROI of their OOH campaigns.

  • Unmissable, unskippable, unignorable – OOH adverts are found in real-world environments, where ad blockers don’t exist and channels can’t be changed. Unlike the online world, which is saturated with advertising, there’s also limited competition and fewer flashy distractions.

  • Creative freedom – OOH is one of the few forms of advertising where the creative doesn’t end at its borders. The interplay between ad and environment can be a valuable tool, whether through the use of simple complementary colours or an innovative bespoke installation.

The additional benefits of Digital Out of Home

On top of the impressive qualities just listed, DOOH advertising brings some other, unique benefits to the table.

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Highly targeted, non-intrusive

DOOH campaigns have the ability to target audiences via a multitude of different criteria. Location, environment, time of day, demographics and behavioural patterns are just some of the ways in which audiences can be defined. 

Despite this laser-like focus on reaching the right people, being found outside of the home means that DOOH avoids being perceived as intrusive. Unlike social media ads, YouTube pre-rolls and even TV ads, it does not rely on interrupting other activities to get noticed. 

DOOH advertising does the opposite of invading personal space – the audience comes to the ad, not the other way around.

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Next-level engagement

DOOH’s superior targeting capabilities make it easy for advertisers to improve performance across the board. When the right people are shown the right creative, it stands to reason that they’ll be receptive to the messaging, resulting in increases in engagement and activation metrics.

According to a Nielsen study, nearly two-thirds of viewers have engaged in a measurable action after seeing a digital billboard. And when dynamic DOOH and interactive DOOH are utilised, engagement goes even further. 

Interactive DOOH uses features such as touchscreens, motion sensors and augmented reality (AR) to encourage audience participation. 

Dynamic DOOH ensures that advertisers don’t have to shoehorn in a one-size-fits-all approach. Different audiences can be spoken to with uniquely tailored messaging, creating impactful experiences that improve brand recall as well as engagement.

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Programmatic friendly

Programmatic DOOH automates the buying and selling of inventory and is yet another reason why DOOH is such an attractive choice for advertisers. Offering real-time campaign management, measurement and optimisation, it transforms the way brands use DOOH.

Campaign performance is reverse-engineered – advertisers select the audiences they want to target based on a set of criteria, then the platform does the hard work of figuring out which placements are best served to meet that goal.

Programmatic DOOH is also data-driven, allowing for cross-channel and third-party software integration. It supports omnichannel storytelling, can be used to amplify other marketing activity and can be updated automatically to reflect real-world behavioural insights. 

By offering brands programmatic buying, DOOH increases efficiency, reduces costs and shortens delivery times.

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Flexibility and consistency

Unlike traditional OOH, DOOH campaigns can be easily amended remotely and in real-time. This means brands can quickly update creatives to make sure that their wider business aims are being served at all times. 

For example, a retailer could promote a Black Friday offer with a creative featuring the product along with a countdown timer. If a different product then begins to produce more sales, the creative can be immediately updated to show that product instead. 

This freedom to change creatives, scheduling, locations and targeting criteria means that DOOH campaigns always work to maximum efficiency, being continually optimised to ensure that there are no dips in performance.

Harnessing the power of DOOH

When used correctly, Digital Out of Home advertising empowers brands to widen their reach, activate audiences and broadcast important brand messages. If you’re new to Out of Home and are wondering how you harness DOOH’s incredible potential, please get in touch now for a no-obligation chat.

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