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Alzheimer's Society roadside billboard advertising example

Our favourite examples of Out of Home advertising

Despite OOH’s reputation for building brand awareness, it’s not just big names contributing towards that spend. Businesses of all sizes can, and do, benefit from Out of Home advertising. Thanks to new tools and technology, OOH infrastructure owners can now offer pinpoint targeting and all-round greater flexibility, making small-scale and local campaigns more viable. 

But if your creative juices are currently running dry or you’ve never experimented with OOH before, then you might not know where to start. So, here are our favourite Out of Home and Digital Out of Home advertising examples to get you inspired. 

Alzheimer's Society roadside billboard advertising example

Alzheimer’s Society

The Alzheimer’s Society wanted to run a multi-format campaign during Dementia Action Week with the aim of encouraging people suffering from symptoms to seek a diagnosis. In particular, they wanted to focus on the Punjabi community, where cultural and language barriers lead to lower diagnosis rates.

To do this, smart planning tools were used to identify screens in predominantly Punjabi-speaking areas. When ads were shown on these screens, the creative was switched to read in Punjabi.

There can sometimes be issues with messaging not translating well but that wasn’t the case here, due to how the text has been presented. The fading repetition is what drives home the key message and so, despite this being a text-based creative, it’s actually the use of text as an image that makes the advert work so well.

Go Puff Out of Home ad example

Go Puff

We love this simple but effective example of Digital Out of Home advertising from GoPuff. It follows a fairly standard problem/solution format, with the creative split in two to show a need and then that need being available on GoPuff. But where GoPuff really nailed it is through their choice of environments in which to display the ads.

GoPuff’s campaign used Storm roadside screens to get the message across. These screens are based on arterial routes into and out of major cities, which means ads were shown only where GoPuff was operating (in cities). The daily traffic flow past these screens is higher than average and very varied – most people own or regularly travel in a car. Targeting such a wide demographic was perfect for GoPuff, as anyone can use their services.

The digital screens meant copy could be refreshed every 10 seconds, offering the opportunity to display different creative variants. GoPuff were also able to own the screens for full hours at a time, rather than sharing with other advertisers, meaning they could make the most of their peak conversion times.

H and M bus shelter advertising example


Another great example of Digital Out of Home is from H&M. The high-street retailer designed their campaign around different times of the day as a way of segmenting their young, female audience. Women on their way to work were shown one creative, with the hours between 4am and 9am targeted. Throughout the day, a different creative, aimed at university students, was shown. From 9pm onwards, another creative was displayed to those out for the night.

This was made possible through the use of time-of-day triggers, which activated the relevant advert at the right time. The messaging then aimed to encourage confidence by acknowledging and owning the challenges women face with self-esteem at different stages in their lives.

The primary format used was Adshel Live, Clear Channel’s proprietary network of Digital Out of Home screens. The campaign messaging was amplified by further ads being shown on screens inside shopping centres and other retail environments.

Out of Home is here to stay

Even though it’s been around forever, OOH is still finding new ways to shake up the industry. The introduction of digital Out of Home formats has enabled a more creative approach to advertising, while innovations in data tools have made it easier to segment audiences and deliver quantifiable results. 

Out of Home advertising spend is expected to increase by more than 30% by the end of 2022, in yet another sign that the medium isn’t going anywhere. To find out more about the creative ways in which an Out of Home campaign can support your marketing goals, get in touch now.

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