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Our favourite dynamic creative DOOH ad campaigns

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising is constantly offering brands new ways to build stronger connections with their audiences. One of the more recent Out of Home innovations is dynamic advertising, which refers to ads that change in response to various factors. 

Dynamic creatives enable ads to remain contextually relevant, even when the context is constantly evolving. They also help to prevent ad fatigue by continually refreshing elements of the design and messaging. 

To help you understand the power of dynamic digital advertising in OOH, we’ve compiled some of our favourite campaign examples. But first, let’s take a closer look at dynamic creatives and how they work.

What are dynamic creatives?

Dynamic creatives, also known as dynamic ads, are simply adverts where the content is not static. In real terms, this can mean a few different things. It might be that the campaign presents a rotation of different creatives, or that the creatives are programmed to change depending on external factors. 

Dynamic DOOH utilises technology to display moving content on OOH advertising infrastructure. Subtle motion and video content are technically dynamic creatives, but the term is generally used to describe personalised, contextually relevant content. Location, audience behaviour and data feeds are often used to do this. 

Dynamic DOOH goes hand-in-hand with programmatic DOOH. Programmatic platforms automate the purchasing of inventory based on set conditions, so your dynamic ad is always shown to the most relevant audience. 

Examples of dynamic ad creatives

Some of the most innovative OOH campaigns use dynamic creatives – here are some of our favourite examples.

Public Health England: One You Health Stop

Public Health England wanted to reach a disengaged and traditionally inaccessible audience with a campaign to encourage health appraisals via their HAY (How Are You?) test. The campaign was founded on the idea of bringing the doctor’s surgery to the high street, which was achieved using DOOH screens at bus stops. 

The screens were equipped with gender and age detection software so that the dynamic creative was personalised to whoever was interacting with the screen at the time. The creative consisted of a CTA encouraging audiences to call Dr Hillary Jones for a free consultation – users were then connected to an automated message and sent a text with a link to the HAY test. 

The creative use of dynamic content here helped to foster engagement and ensure that the campaign message was memorable, accomplishing the original goal. 

Greggs: Unofficial Sponsors of Summer

Popular bakery Greggs created a playful DOOH campaign using a rotation of dynamic creatives. The messaging was based around wordplay, using their tagline – ‘unofficial sponsors of’ – and their iconic sausage rolls. The ad copy included fun statements such as ‘Unofficial sponsors of rolling into summer’ and ‘Unofficial sponsors of baking in the sun’.

This is a great example of how campaigns don’t need to be complex to be successful. The messaging is simple but contextually relevant, while the rotation of four different creatives keeps the design fresh and effective.

La Roche Posay: UV Levels

Skincare brand La Roche Posay ran a campaign promoting their range of sun protection products. The brand decided to focus on the lack of public awareness around UV exposure levels and challenge the idea that SPF is only necessary when it’s sunny outside.

Using ad copy variants such as ‘Harmful UV rays are present all year round’, La Roche Posay’s dynamic creatives also showed the current UV level in each specific location. The creatives ran on Adshel Live screens in close proximity to Boots stores where the products were stocked, so audiences could immediately take action to protect themselves from harmful rays.

Tesco: Christmas

Our last example comes from Tesco, who used dynamic creatives to run a data-led campaign during the Christmas period. To create a more personalised advertising experience for local audiences, Tesco monitored what different locations were searching for using the Google API.

This information was then used to inform the content, with the messaging and images optimised to match local search terms. By targeting audiences with messages relevant to their interests at that moment, Tesco were able to avoid generic Christmas advertising and, instead, benefit from a customer-first approach.

Kicking off your dynamic creative DOOH campaign

In Digital Out of Home advertising, dynamic creatives are the key to delivering targeted, relevant ads every time. The flexible medium makes it easy to keep up in an ever-changing landscape and injects originality into every campaign. 

To discuss how dynamic creative DOOH can best be used to meet your business objectives, please get in touch today. 

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