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Muller Corner Billboard

The 5 most creative OOH campaigns

In our view, the best OOH campaigns are often the most creative ones. From 3D installations to augmented reality, fun features like these can brighten up a dull day and leave a lasting smile on your customers’ faces.

Let’s take a look at some of the powerful posters and screens that make fantastic use of creative mediums – here are the 5 most creative OOH campaigns. 

Kraft Heinz Shard Birthday Campaign Example

Kraft Heinz - Happy 10th birthday to the Shard

Kicking off our list is Heinz, who captured the attention of Londoners early this year with a cheeky advert for their own-brand pasta sauce. Heinz has an office inside the Shard building and on the iconic landmark’s ten-year anniversary, decided to celebrate with a personalised message. 

The brand placed a twist on its existing ‘Ridiculously late, ridiculously good’ campaign by comparing the length of time it took to create its own pasta sauce to the relatively expedited building of the Shard. The creative was adapted to show the sauce jars stacked in the shape of the Shard, mimicking the building itself, which is visible from the advertising site.

Through contextually relevant advertising, Heinz capitalised on a one-off event while earnestly congratulating their landlord’s success. 

Fabyl Parkway Drive Ad

Fabyl – Parkway Drive

A 3D head and augmented reality experience make for an incredibly creative campaign by independent record label Fabyl. 

The album cover image was designed to pop out of the billboard, with spotlighting added for extra drama at night-time. The exaggerated presentation helped to implant the image in people’s minds so that they would immediately recognise it if they later saw it in a record store or on a music streaming service.

Passers-by were offered the opportunity to engage further via the addition of a QR code. The code took users to an AR filter on Instagram, where the head from the poster was projected onto the real world. Encouraging social media users to share this online meant that the campaign was amplified amongst a new audience.  

Timberland Spilt Milk Campaign


Timberland ran an OOH campaign during winter to keep the boots front of mind during the cold and wet weather to which they’re best suited. 

The campaign brought focus to some of Timberland boots’ key selling points: their sturdiness and their cosiness. Creative imagery and messaging depicted their ability to weather any storm (“don’t cry over spilt milk”) and the importance of comfort for heavy-duty footwear (“the gravity of comfort”).

Timberland used a special build billboard to incorporate 2D and 3D elements that bring the campaign to life. We particularly love the vinyl floor ‘spilt milk’ droplets, which brought the creative to pavement level for an all-encompassing experience.

We also applaud the fact that Timberland used recycled glass to create the natural highlights. This is creativity with a conscience!  

Müller Corner

Müller’s campaign objective was to remind the public that their brand is the original corner yoghurt. They did this by reclaiming the corner yoghurt and making the bold move to have the creative designed entirely around its image – including the omittance of any text, other than the brand logo.

Instead, the closeup of a highly-aesthetic, delectable yoghurt did all the talking. The 48-sheet billboard had a bent corner built in to mimic those in the actual yoghurt packaging – a stroke of creative genius that makes this one of the best OOH campaigns we’ve seen.

The main billboard was supported by further activity on Adshel Live and Malls Live, where subtle motion was added to give the yoghurt a realistic effect. A poster’s never looked this delicious!

Amazon Audible Campaign

Amazon Audible

True crime podcasts have been a surprising hit with the public and Amazon Audible decided to capitalise on this with an advertising campaign for their listening services.

They came up with a special creative installation that replicated a cassette tape at magnified size, and a corresponding street-level control board. When the play button at street-level was pressed, snippets of new featured podcasts were played while a recording light appeared on the tape.

The street-level panel also showed a QR code taking audiences to the podcast page so that they could save it for later listening.

We’re huge fans of the quirky creativity displayed here. By utilising both an interactive panel and a prominent billboard, Amazon Audible have made the real world feel like a playground.  

Get creative with OOH advertising

It might sound cheesy, but creative marketing campaigns bring joy to customers’ lives. It’s why they’re so effective and why advertisers keep returning to use them time and time again.

To find out more about all of the different ways in which you can get creative with your outdoor advertising, contact us now.

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