As humans, our eyes seek things that are moving and we watch objects with more intent as we try to make sense of them.

Clear Channel UK has a portfolio of digital advertising screens across a number of environments where there exists the opportunity to lift your Out of Home creative with motion content.

Below are our recommendations based on which type of motion is best served across our portfolio.



There will always be a place for static creative on Out of Home, using simple and bold creatives that have a natural stillness to grab audience attention. Great posters use a minimal amount of copy to create impact quickly on roadside formats which have shorter visibility times than other environments. We recommend no more than 6 words in your headline.


Subtle Motion Content

Our roadside Adshel Live estate allows for the introduction of subtle motion* to enhance engagement with audiences. Industry research has shown that the introduction of movement can increase ad engagement and views vs. static paper content.

Take a look at some brands using subtle motion to great effect here.

*excluding Liverpool, Norwich, Sheffield, Brighton and The West End (London).

Motion creatives cannot be too overt or obvious, nor be too distractive for drivers. Grab attention in a more subtle way using slow movement, fading or soft animation to small parts of the creative. Above are some examples using subtle motion such as faint sliding, fading and movement. The imagery is slight in it’s percentage of movement, spread across the full time of the creative. Changes in colour and shape are gradual. A small input for a big payoff.


Full Motion Content

Attract and disrupt! Across all of our retail screens, displaying to audiences with longer dwell times, 100% motion content allows eye-catching creatives to display more complex messaging for increased engagement opportunities. A real platform for brands to tell stories via Digital Out of Home.

Use quick and striking movement of both imagery and text across the entire screen and length of the creative. Create excitement and lasting impressions with more energetic and kinetic copy, perfect for bespoke animated executions or repurposing existing motion assets onto DOOH, for example from social or TV campaigns.

Formats supporting motion

Of our ever increasing portfolio of digital screens, we’ve put together the following guide as to which Clear Channel formats can support animated content:

Format Static Subtle Motion Full Motion
Adshel Live

Asda Live

Sainsbury’s Live

Malls Live

Malls Live XL