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Digital Out of Home Video Guidelines

Enhance the potential of DOOH with video content

Clear Channel UK has a portfolio of DOOH advertising screens across a number of environments where there exists the opportunity to enhance your creative by adding motion.

The page below outlines the different levels of movement allowed across our digital estate.

01  Motion creative increases cut-through



Longer Engagement *

* Kinetic, Digital Eye and Face Tracking, 2011



Increase in Views *

* Animated digital poster vs. static paper poster

Storm DOOH advertising for 3 Mobile
02  Static Creative

Static Creative

Great poster design combines smart, minimal copy with high-contrast and striking visuals.

Delivering a strong creative with a clear call-to-action is the best way to use Out of Home, particularly across roadside displays where there is a need to quickly create impact with shorter visibility times.

People interact with Out of Home differently than Press and Online. Ensure the message is delivered by being unapologetically bold in the design of creatives.

03  Subtle Animation Creative

Subtle Animation Creative

Content displayed on Adshel Live* can benefit from the addition of subtle movement to creatives.

Subtle animation is intended to attract pedestrian audiences to boost the attraction of the poster. 

Take a look at some brands using subtle animation to great effect on the link below. 

*excluding Aberdeen, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Norwich, Sheffield and Westminster (London).

04  Video DOOH Creative

Video DOOH Creative

Clear Channel's retail screens across supermarkets, malls and bars allow for full motion video content. The perfect platform for brands to tell stories with Digital Out of Home to attract attention and increase engagement with core audiences at scale.

It is recommended that advertiser branding is visible for at least 80% of the creative to maximise the opportunity for engagement.

Repurpose existing video assets from social campaigns for DOOH to increase campaign efficiency.

Video content capability

The following guide highlights which Clear Channel formats can support subtle animation and full motion video DOOH content.

Format Static Subtle Motion Video
Adshel Live
Asda Live
Sainsbury’s Live
Malls Live
Malls Live XL
Billboard Live
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