Storm portrait specifications


All of the specifications outline below should be provided as:
File Format: JPGs (RGB) at 72dpi

NB: JPGs provided as CMYK will not display correctly.

Storm Towers
Storm LocationScreen ArtworkNameplate Artwork
Chiswick TowersAll towers:
448px x 576px Portrait
File Format: jpg (rgb)
480px x 80px Landscape
North London Towers512px x 96px Landscape
Cromwell Road Towers512px x 96px Landscape
Hammersmith Towers512px x 96px Landscape
A40 Power Stationn/a
Westway Tower512px x 96px Landscape
Storm Mega 6’s
Storm LocationScreen ArtworkNameplate Artwork
Liverpool TowersAll Mega 6’s:
480px x 720px Portrait
File Format: jpg (rgb)
320px x 40px Landscape
Glasgow Argyle Street320px x 80px Landscape
Lambeth Palace Road240px x 80px Landscape
Billingsgate280px x 80px Landscape
Peckham High Streetn/a
M1 Towern/a
Lea Valleyn/a
Park Royaln/a
Brent Crossn/a
M3 Towern/a

Content deadlines and delivery

  • 1 creative: 3 days prior to in-charge
  • 2-10 creatives: 7 days prior to in-charge
  • 10+ creatives: Make aware at the earliest opportunity.
  • Direct clients: 2 weeks prior to in-charge

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