Dynamic Creative Guidelines | Clear Channel
A cyclist on the pavement looking at a Le Col cycle campaign on an Adshel Live panel

Dynamic Creative Guidelines

Digital screens are opening up new and exciting opportunities in Out of Home advertising. They help brands engage with the audience through stunning, contextual advertising that can be delivered on a national scale.

All dynamic content requires expert consulting. Please email digitalcontent@clearchannel.co.uk for more information.

Dynamic Campaigns

As we have expanded our capabilities to deliver even more flexible campaigns across our inventory, we have seen an increase in tailored campaigns that use different creatives to increase engagement.

In order to help our partners to deliver exciting and dynamic content, making the most of our digital reach, we offer development expertise to build out some of these campaigns.

There are three main types of campaigns that we can build, outlined below:

  • Smart Linear
    Contextual creatives can be played at specific locations and/or at specific times to increase the relevance of your campaign through our file delivery system (E.g.  automatically add the address of a local store).

  • Triggered
    Our screens can alternate between relevant pre-determined creatives when a fixed condition is met. (E.g. When the temperature reaches a certain level, it will trigger a different creative to what is playing).

  • Dynamic
    Additionally, campaigns can be given a live feel and remain fresh by constantly changing the creative. We do this by using contextual data sources relevant to the campaign objectives, audience or location, to link the creative to evolving happenings in the real world. (E.G. Live updates from a fashion show, relaying conversations on social media, sharing what consumers search for on Google in a particular location).

Costs are subject to specific campaign requirements and start from £1,500. Please speak with your account representative for more information and a quote tailored to your needs.

A typical dynamic content build will take 3 weeks from brief to delivery.