Own Storm London Skyline on six beautiful structures with digital nameplates and night time illumination.

Advertisers can achieve brand fame* on Storm London Skyline by owning six iconic sites across 14 screens. Each of these beautiful structures has been architecturally designed to work with and enhance the environment it is situated in, meaning that each one is unique.

Located on busy arterial roads, these sites are highly visible to traffic travelling in and out of London, reaching an extremely affluent audience.

Through hours of ownership, these sites provide advertisers with a platform for creativity via dynamic capabilities, digital nameplates and night time illumination to maximise standout and ownership of these locations.

* COG Research for Brand Fame Uncovered, identified famous brands as those that are ‘powerful, premium and iconic’. Using Implicit Research Testing, exposure to brands on premium digital out of home enlisted a 13% increase in trust.


The Storm London Skyline Pack

products-storm-stats_Skyline 1
products-storm-stats_Skyline 2
products-storm-stats_Skyline 3
products-storm-stats_Skyline 4
products-storm-stats_Skyline 5
products-storm-stats_Skyline 6

Sources: COG research, Brand Fame Uncovered; Storm London Skyline sites Route 25

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