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Digital poster in a shopping mall showing two people hugging with the text 'together again' overlaid
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The importance of great design for Out of Home advertising

A solid creative idea is fundamental to an effective advertising campaign, and to craft Powerful Posters, how a poster is designed for its environment can be critical to its success / is essential to hit objectives. 

In crowded categories, driving awareness and consideration can be a challenging task, particularly for new and emerging brands, so ensuring communications are clearly branded and well-designed for the channel is crucial.

As part of our industry insight study, The Power of Towers, the importance of how a poster is designed became clear. Looking at three of the creatives tested as part of the research, which explores the effectiveness of adding premium large format DOOH to a media mix, the impact on recall and standout is very interesting. 

Creatives with larger visible logos and built on more prominent brand codes led to a significant increase in recall, stand out and consideration. Smaller and less prominent branding, particularly for a brand with lower spontaneous recall, showcased smaller impacts on brand metric uplifts. 

In the examples below, we can see a significant misattribution of Gorillas to ‘Fast and Fresh’, which became more prominent across multiple exposures, demonstrating the need to ensure an appropriate brand / proposition balance on Out of Home executions.