Digital 6 and 48-sheet Dynamic Campaigns | Clear Channel

Billboard Live & Digital 6-sheet Dynamic Campaigns

We require all content for dynamic campaigns 3 weeks before the campaign live start date. 

These specifications apply to Adshel Live, Billboard Live, Malls Live, Malls Live XL, Asda Live and Sainsbury's Live. Please see separate guidance for dynamic campaigns on Socialite.

Dynamic campaign overview

Your dynamic campaign will contain the following:

  • A core bundle containing HTML, CSS, and Javascript files

  • A data file (or set of data files) specifying any ‘dynamic’ data - data which can or will change throughout the duration of the campaign    

Core Bundle Specification

The Core Bundle creative will be supplied to Clear Channel directly, and the remaining assets will be placed in your FTP.

Data file(s) need to be set up on a client-side FTP. Clear Channel will then sync the client FTP to an internal FTP and deliver any files to a localhost running on each panel.

The HTML file will require a hardcoded fallback image - this can be achieved by encoding the fallback image as a base64 string and passing this to the src of an img element.

Dimension of creative: Please see digital format dimensions
Length of creative: 10 seconds
File format: HTML, JS ES6 only, CSS
Frame rate: 25 or 30fps
Asset examples: FLV, JPEG, PNG, XML, JSON, MP4, TFF, WOFF
Fallback creative: Static JPEG

Forward and Store

Assets are placed on an external FTP server and are synced locally to all screens, ready for assets to load into the core bundle. Typically the FTP polling rate is 1 minute with files checked for changes based on file sizes and modified dates.

All assets will be available within a folder, this folder will have an agreed folder name which must contain only alpha numeric, dashes and underscores are supported – no spaces. Subfolders are not supported; therefore, all files must be in the root of the folder.

Required FTP information:

  • Host name

  • Username

  • Password

  • Folder on FTP where the assets are

Targeting content for specific panels

In addition, the HTML campaign will have access to a Javascript object which is injected into the container by BroadSign Player. This object has a property which contains the BS frame id and can be retrieved with this JS code:

let frame_id = BroadSignObject["frame_id"];

Where “frame_id” is the panel’s unique BroadSign frame id. The BroadSign frame ID allows panel specific content to be displayed.

Clear Channel will provide a ‘Master Site List’ which contains every available panel, and specifies each panel’s BroadSign Frame ID, address, location, postcode, latitude, longitude, and other relevant information.

By cross-referencing the Master Site List with the list of panels booked for the campaign it is possible to build a data-file that contains panel- specific content.

For example, a data file could contain BroadSign Frame IDs and city-name like so:

“data” : {
“123456789”: “London”

where “123456789” is the value of frame id

The JS code in the core bundle would use the frame_id variable to load the frame Id which would then be passed in a separate call to the data file, and on finding the key named “123456789” would return “London”.

The value of “London” can then be used by the core JS to construct a dynamic callout, such as: “Enjoying your day in London?”

Clear Channel will provide a Master Site List that contains Broadsign Frame IDs of all panels in our plant along with the corresponding Frame ID, Digital Unit ID, location, latitude, longitude, etc. 

You will need to cross reference the Master Site List with the 'upsite' provided by your specialist (this contains a list of sites booked) to create a 'data file' XML / JSON file that contains Broadsign Frame IDs of every site in the booking and specifies the required copy for each site.

If you have any technical questions regarding the build, please contact the Live Services team at

Day-part content

You can run content that changes according to the time of day or day of the week. To do this, either the advertiser, creative agency or media agency needs to design a HTML file that reads the digital unit’s internal clock.

Please provide:

  • A series of JPGs of each day part creative for review (if static/image content)

  • A series of H264.MOV files of each day part creative for review (if contrasting content)

Contrasting content

Mild levels of contrast are allowed on Adshel Live digital 6-sheets, as long as it adheres to all restrictions in the General Limitations on Content.

Prohibited content includes but is not limited to:

  • Full-motion video

  • Full-screen, fast-animated content

  • Fast movement

  • Flashing or strobe lighting

  • Revealing text in any way other than fading entire words, lines or sentences (no per-letter fade in)

All contrasting content should be provided with a static version (.jpg) in the event the contrasting advert is not approved. Failure to do so may result in an advert being removed until it can be resubmitted.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Content should be emailed to in line with product specific content guidelines.