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Large billboard on a train station platform with passengers waiting on a bench

Station Billboard HD Specification

Supplying Content

Our specifications and deadlines differ depending on which team has processed your campaign.

To ensure your content is sent to the correct department, please use the link below which best represents your booking: 

Booked through an Agency Group or a Specialist? Supply your content here.

Booked directly with Clear Channel or an Independent Agency? Supply your content here.

Creating Content

If you are providing content to be printed by Clear Channel, please use the below specifications.

For Backlight 48-sheet billboard (B48) specifications please email:

Static Content

Size: 609.1mm x 304.3mm (tenth size 10%)
Safe copy area: 597.3mm x 291.4mm (tenth size 10%)
Bleed: 1mm
DPI: 300dpi (minimum) / 450dpi (best)
File Type: CMYK
File Format: High Resolution PDF
Text Format: Outlined vectors for upscaling
Printed Size (for reference): 6,096mm x 3,048mm
(full size 100%)

Creative Considerations

Content prohibitions may apply to selected panels. Please contact Clear Channel at least 21 days in advance if you intend to include any of the following categories so that we can confirm appropriate screens:

  • Rail/Transport

  • Station tenants

  • Sweets, Fast Food & other HFSS products

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco/Vapes

  • Guns

  • Swimwear/underwear

  • Politics

Advertisers have the responsibility of conforming to the ASA & CAP regulations, including notifying if the NP score means that a product is classed as HFSS.

Printing Specification

If you are printing your own ads, please follow the below guidelines.

  • Full Size: 6,091mm x 3,043mm

  • Safe Area: 5,973mm x 2,914mm

  • Printing: Austroflex NWC polyester. Background colour should bleed to all edges.

  • UV printed onto Austroflex NWC polyester (inks and material must be to Network FR standard).

  • Clip guides must be printed on perimeter edge, skins are to be folded consertina style for top to bottom and left to right and boxed.

  • Poster Delivery:

  • All packages must be clearly labelled indicating the advertiser, the number of designs, the quantity of each design and the start date.

  • Delivery Deadline: 10 working days before start date

For depot addresses and information, to provide design distribution instructions, or for any other information please email:

All content must comply with our Terms and Conditions.


Artwork Templates

Station Billboard HD 48-sheet .indd