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Bus Stop and Bus Shelter Advertising Platforms

Adshel & Adshel Live 6-sheet poster sites

01  Bus stop advertising

Located nationwide

Bus stop advertising offers the perfect platform for all types and sizes of brands or organisations to reach millions of people Out of Home (OOH)*. This exciting product falls into two formats, our classic 6-sheet posters known as Adshel and our digital 6-sheet bus shelter screens known as Adshel Live.  

Both situated in high traffic areas or along busy high streets, our bus shelter advertising formats are unmissable and reach different audiences in towns and cities across the UK every day. Whether you’re looking to build your brand nationally, regionally, or locally or run a more targeted campaign, bus stop advertising provides the flexibility to help you meet your marketing objectives.  

02  Smart reach

Why use bus shelter advertising?

There are many ways for brands and businesses to use Adshel and Adshel Live and, while both formats have similarities, there are some major differences. The classic, 24/7 platform Adshel is the ideal Reach product for advertisers looking to deliver brand building or awareness-driven campaigns; whereas the flexibility of digital OOH means that Adshel Live can also be used to deliver more messages or targeted activation campaigns. Activation marketing allows brands to capture moments or activate contextually relevant messages around key promotions to enable the targeting of buyers and drive action. 

Depending on your campaign objective, you can certainly use Adshel or Adshel Live separately, however when used strategically, both formats complement each other and are proven to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Use them to deliver smart Reach and Activation messages, strengthening brand awareness and driving consumer action at the same time. For further information on this, please get in touch. 

Great Western Railway's Adshel advertisement on a Bus Shelter with cars driving past
03  #1 Bus shelter advertiser


Clear Channel is the #1 bus shelter advertising provider across the UK that offers an unavoidable medium for local, regional or national level marketing campaigns from any business sector.  



Adshel panels nationwide *

* Route 50

Nuzests multi nutrient mix Adshel Live Bus Shelter advertisement surrounded by bustling shoppers
04  Largest digital Out of Home network

Adshel Live

Delivering 8.4 million daily impacts per fortnight (Route 50), Adshel Live is the UK’s largest Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network with digital roadside 6-sheet screens located in 350+ route towns across the UK including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, and Leeds. Adshel Live is where brands come alive. 



Digital 6-sheet screens *

* Route 50

Bike is Best's multi picture Adshel Live Bus Shelter advertisement with audiences waiting for the bus

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05  Reach

Reach your audience on bus shelters

Tenzings natural energy drink advertised on our Adshel panel outside a Tesco store

Over 1 in 3 ABC adults have seen a bus shelter poster*

*Source: TGI 2020

University of Gloucestershire's open day Adshel advertisement on a busy road

45% of students have seen a bus shelter poster*

*Source: TGI 2020

Avanti West Coast's blue orange and grey travel advertisement with a bus stationed at a bus stop

72% likely bus users have seen OOH in last week*

*Source: TGI 2020

06  Be inspired

07  Success stories

Case studies

When it comes to results, both Adshel and Adshel Live have demonstrated that bus shelter advertising is effective, regardless of business size, sector or marketing budgets. From B&Q’s brilliant brand building message to Clip ‘n Climb’s locally targeted campaign, browse through our case studies to find one that’s right for you. Discover bus shelter advertising success stories.

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