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DOOH Supermarket Advertising

Asda and Sainsbury’s Live

01  Inspire shoppers, drive sales

The UK’s #1 Digital Supermarket Network

Despite the continued rise in grocery online shopping, supermarkets are still the prime location to reach shoppers across the country with over 85% of total sales happening in stores. Our supermarket advertising screens allow businesses to reach shoppers on a local level. 

Our eye-catching digital screens are in prime positions near store entrances. With only 10% of people sticking to shopping lists, they are perfectly placed to influence highly receptive shoppers who are open to purchase suggestions.

Whether you sell a product in store, have an event taking place locally, or are looking to increase footfall, our supermarket screens put your brand front and centre with our two formats: Asda Live and Sainsbury’s Live. Our full motion screens can help you to maximise the impact and cost-effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

02  Eye-catching digital

Why use supermarket advertising?

There are many ways for brands and businesses to use Asda Live and Sainsbury’s Live in their advertising campaigns. Both are digital screens, similar in size to our Adshel Live and Malls Live screens, and can be found at eye level close to entrances in select stores across the UK. 

Their unique positioning allows brands to engage with shoppers from the moment they arrive, driving inspiration and highlighting promotions to shoppers who are open and receptive. Capture your audience's attention with full motion content, dynamic copy and contextually relevant information.

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04  Success stories

Case studies

When it comes to results, our Asda Live and Sainsbury’s Live networks have demonstrated that supermarket advertising is effective, regardless of business size, sector or marketing budgets. From increasing online traffic to generating thousands of pounds of revenue, browse through our case studies to find one that’s right for you Discover supermarket advertising success stories.

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