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Train & Rail Station Advertising

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The Perfect Platform

The Rail Out of Home advertising environment is going places. Whether you’re heading to a meeting with the boss, nipping to your folks for lunch, or treating the kids to a day out, as we all continue to adjust to new working and leisure pattens, many of us are returning to rail as the quickest and most cost-effective mode of public transport.



reduction of annual leisure travel emissions when switching a leisure car journey to a train *


Aside from walking or biking, taking the train is also the most environmentally friendly way of traveling. In terms of energy consumption, use of space, and noise levels, trains offer one of the most sustainable forms of transport for supporting local communities and cities on their collective journey to a cleaner, greener future. 



total UK rail journeys made in the last year *

* Trainline

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What is Train Station Advertising?

Train stations are our new advertising proposition located across the LNER rail network - the rail company that operates on the East Coast mainline. Incorporating key city destinations and commuter routes from Newcastle to Peterborough and everywhere in between, LNER passenger numbers have returned to near pre-pandemic levels, the highest return for any operator.   

Our new partnership brings together a shared vision to deliver great experiences for our partners, brands, audiences, and our communities.



Panels *

* Route 50

Clear Channel Station puts your message front and centre with timely, unmissable advertising that’s built to move audiences. Embarking on this exciting new opportunity, brands can tell their story to affluent urban and suburban commuters, Gen-Z, and young families making memories on their weekend getaway.


Key Stations

03  Benefits

Benefits of Advertising at Train Stations

There are many benefits of incorporating train station ads into your marketing strategy. Rail audiences are increasing with 1 billion journeys made by train last year, many of which are habitual, repeated trips, meaning you can effectively target your perfect audience (source: LNER; Trainline). Train station advertising also provides the opportunity to reach a multitude of audiences, from commuters, to families having a day-out, in fact 32% of rail users are young families (source: index 147 vs pop).

Train station ads can also be used as a standalone proposition to target a local area or included alongside our leading national advertising proposition, Adshel Live, to amplify audience reach – Clear Channel Station truly is a flexible format, suitable for brands of all shapes and sizes.   

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04  Advertising that's going places

Station Classic

Located across 10 leading LNER stations with the capability to reach thousands of commuters each week. Our Station Classic formats, Station 4, 6 & 48 sheets capture the attention of commuters when purchasing their ticket or while waiting for their next train. Positioned in locations that offer 24/7 highly visible to make brands unmissable.



Panels *

* Route 50

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Station Live

Located across 7 key LNER stations reaching thousands of people every week. Our digital formats, Station Live & Station Live XL screens are capable of delivering effective full motion Out of Home campaigns and are positioned to maximise commuter visibility for each station. Designed to suit all marketing objectives and budgets, Station Live's scale and flexibility provide the perfect platform for brands and organisations to reach key audiences and drive activation.



Panels *

* Route 50

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