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Nordic Sprint's ad outside of a Sainsbury's as people walk past

Peterborough is a historical city dating back to the Bronze Age that is the largest city in the East of England with a population of just over 200,000. One of the UK's most thriving cities, Peterborough has historically had a successful economic growth and after the development of the railways became a key industrial centre known for brick manufacturing. The city is rooted in history and culture and has a lot to offer to any visiting tourists. Notable landmarks in the area include Peterborough Cathedral, Longthorpe Tower and Flag Fen.

Peterborough is known to have strong roots in the environmental goods and services sector and has the largest concentration of environmental businesses in the UK. The city centre and its surrounding areas are currently undergoing a huge transformation making it a rapidly-growing city with lots of potential. There's lots to do in Peterborough with an array of historical sites, stunning architecture and museums to visit in addition to serene rural attractions and countryside walks. 

The city centre is often packed due to its vast range of pubs, bars, and eateries. Unlike it's neighbouring towns and cities, Peterborough is the only city in the region that doesn't have a University.

Peterborough is an up and coming destination, making it an opportune location for local businesses to advertise.

Reach commuters

Outside Peterborough Station along Bourges Boulevard

Lincoln Rd

Engaging audiences with bus stop posters

Digital Bus Shelters

Along Broadway & Lincoln St

Billboard advertising

Reaching commuters along London Rd

Sainsburys advertising

At The Bretton Centre & Oxney Rd

Rail advertising

Advertise to people at the busy interchange with train station ads

Peterborough billboard advertising

The process was very simple, well managed and clear in conversation. Our school’s open evening was the biggest ever, with a packed hall for the Principal’s address. This hasn’t always been the case, and the advertising is a huge factor in this.

Stuart Aldous, Assistant Principal at Ormiston Denes Academy

Local Adshel outdoor advertising

Connecting with customers in Peterborough

Do you need guidance on how to connect with your customers in Peterborough? We're confident that we can offer you the advice and support you need. At Clear Channel, we offer a huge range of outdoor advertising sites along busy main routes into the centre, as well as bus stop advertising across the busiest spots in Peterborough and inside and outside the bust Peterborough train station. Whether you're a small, local business looking to build brand awareness, or a larger organisation that's launching a new product, we'll help you identify the best strategy to meet your advertising objectives.

We have lots of great options for you to choose from, including bus stop advertising from New England down to New Fletton. You can catch the thousands of commuters making their way into Peterborough with a prime advertising spot along London Road. We also offer digital advertising space at some of the area's largest Asda and Sainsbury's supermarkets. 

Our account managers in Peterborough will partner with you to find the optimum locations for your business and will create an impactful and cost-effective campaign to help you reach your audience. At Clear Channel you can trust us to provide a reliable and trustworthy service. No matter the size of your budget, we'll help you to pinpoint exactly where your target audience is located.

If you're looking to target visitors in the busy town centre, make the most of our digital and traditional bus shelter advertising. We have fantastic locations available across the city's busiest parts, including close proximity to Peterborough train station and Peterborough Cathedral.

Our local customers include City Homes Estate Agents, Inexpress Couriers and Peterborough City Council. To find out how Clear Channel advertising can work for your business in Peterborough, please get in touch.

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