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Grantham is an industrial market town in Lincolnshire situated just south of Lincoln, tucked between Nottingham and the eastern coast of England. With a population of just under 45,000, it is a medium-sized town but the cultural and historical footprint of Grantham far exceeds this. 

Grantham has had a place in the history books since public records began as it was recorded in the Domesday book in 1086. In more recent (and no less iconic history), Grantham is also known for being the place Sir Isaac Newton was educated. It was just down the road at Woolsthorpe Manor that Sir Isaac famously saw an apple fall from a tree, this observation prompting his revelatory law of gravitation. 

Grantham is a popular visitor destination with many places to stay in its scenic pastoral setting and local attractions that include Belvoir Castle, Belton House and Harlaxton Manor. In the town centre, Grantham’s inviting high street boasts historic architecture, good shopping, great eateries and a vibrant Saturday market. 

With its deep history and quintessentially English landscape, Grantham is a vibrant town with a rich heritage that is a great location for businesses to immerse themselves.

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